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  1. Hey everyone, thought I’d post this here. Richard Salas had five people back out of a special 9-day channel island trip in November. The goal is to dive all of the island and maybe slop in some platform diving. We need 15 divers for it to run. Here is a link to the trip. Contact Richard directly. I am just a paying passenger who wants the trip to go. https://www.askphotography.com/channel-islands thank you, joe
  2. Just an update. Sold week one. Still have this week available. Week 2 trip: April 29-May 5, 2022 Sold Out (my spot is available). Drop me a note with any questions. joe
  3. Someone is interested in the first week of the trip. If anyone is interested in the second week, contact me.
  4. I have a Gods Pocket trip for sale. I paid in full just before Covid hit and the trip was postponed. Spots are opening up now that the Canadian border is open but i’m tied up with so may other things that I need to sell the trip. It’s a 2-weeker, April 22-May 5th, 2022 to God’s Pocket in Canada. The trip cost me $4780. That was the cost back in 2019 when I paid in full. it’s more expensive today by $600. So it’s a $5,380 two week trip at full retail. I’m letting the 2-week trip go for $3800. Message me if you are interested. I will not sell only half the trip unless you have two buyers, one for the first week and one for the second week. This is a Richard Salas Photography trip, who is a highly sought after group leader. He’s a good dude. Joe
  5. Actually, that might work with a much shorter gauntlet and have the ring slide back over the gauntlet itself. Goint to pool test that. thank you. Joe
  6. Hey everyone, Heading to dive God's Pocket next spring and wanted to toss this question to those who might know. I have a DUI drysuit with zip seals. My current gloves that I use in souther cal water just pull up and then bunch up at the wrist because they cannot fit over the diameter of the zip seal ring. I have tried a lot of different gloves over the years and, recently, a few other types with zippers, but they still just do not have the diameter in the gauntlet to reasonably slide over and remain snug over the zip ring. I bought a set of Bare 7mm long gauntlet gloves for really cold water but they are still a challenge to easily put on myself over the ring as their gauntlet diameter is just an inch or so too small. They are also 3-finger. I am not sure how that will work when trying to operate my camera. 7mm alone is bulky and will make it more challenging to operate buttons, etc. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on gloves that can easily cover the zip ring. I do not want to get zip gloves, I'd rather stick with neoprene and not worry about puncturing the dry glove system. I can live with a wider zipped or gauntlet or one that is just wide enough for me to easily slide it over the ring. I know a looser gauntlet increases water flow, but I am okay with that. Having the current glove short gauntlets just slip down to my wrist lets in more water. I have the G1's, Scuba Pro and Aqua Lung Thermocline, all of which just bunch up around wrist because they won't fit over the ring. The gloves with a zipper won't generally zip over the zip seal ring. Just trying to keep the nubs warmer. Appreciate any ideas. Joe
  7. I cannot seem to find neoprene wet gloves with large enough gauntlets that easily cover my drysuit seals. Everything i have tried is too tight to fight getting it over my cuffs. Preferably i am looking for a wide diameter gauntlet that easily pulls over my zip seals then has an elastic velcrol strap to close or seal the gauntlet. Or a long zipper and strap combo would work. Does anyone have any recommendations on regular 5mm gloves that cover drysuit wrist seals easily? thanks in advance. joe
  8. Hi Everyone,I have a very nice pair of DUI arctic 400 gm drysuit underwear and am in need of having the legs shortened. I think I need more than a "seamstress" as this is a pretty nice set of undergarments. I'm going to be doing more colder water diving and want to get this pair modified. I bought them new a few years ago and they were too long in the legs but fit well in the chest where I am fairly broad. So in essence I need to customize them.Anyone know of or can recommend someone with the skills to pull this off?Feel free to email me at joe [at] joe belanger.com.Appreciate your help.
  9. Right. It does respond to flash compensation. I am out diving in an hour or so and will do some more testing. Three of 13 dive days left, then back to the states.
  10. Chris, I am talking about simple macro work. The mantis example was because the thing was maybe six to eight inches, clean water, calm and a perfect setup for macro. I just shot a small gobie on whip coral. Perhaps 1 inch....just a few minutes ago. There was no reason the TTL should not have exposed that correctly. For shits and giggles I am going to use a different set of fiber optic cables. Camera is on manual, generally f16 to f25 when shooting very close .....within 3-4 inches. Below is another shot I could not get TTL to work, so went manual. Always under exposes by several stops. Agree, there might be something more to this.
  11. Dave, Agree about TTL. I shot manual for most of my 40 years diving. There are some cases where TTL is valuable. My point is only that with a premium system should come reliability. I am actually in Indonesia now and just finished up two dives since this post. The mantis was a quick edit and I will really wait until I am on my big monitor at home before serious editing. Nonetheless, appreciate the feedback. Joe
  12. I have two TTL converters for the Nauticam D850 and they are horrible. 90 percent are way under exposed. I am shooting all manual now on my macro work. They are essentially costly, useless electronics. In the most basic, close up, nudibranch simple shots one can do, the TTL fails miserably, significantly under exposes. Someone has to call out Nauticam for this. In my opinion they are selling an inferior product. When you compare the converter to my old system, a Nauticam D7100 system with fiber optic, nearly 90 percent accurate exposure. Granted the D7100 is using the cameras TTL system, but you would think that the engineers at Nauticam, who I consider very good at what they do, would have done more field testing before launching the board. Where I bought my housing, they could not get the first circuit board to function with TTL. They had to order another one, which worked topside. But until you actually put this in the field, underwater, will you recognize its inferiority for such a high end system. Really disappointed. Here is one image where TTL would not properly light the subject. Simple, easy. Ended up using manual. Strobes pointed close within 8-12 inches and directly at the subject. Could not have had easier situations for the TTL to function properly. Will post some additional examples in a bit after my dive of images that the ttl would not work...well not in any case has the ttl actually worked. Joe
  13. 10-4 sir. Perfect, Tim. I think my wife may play model for a while if I give her a cookie:) Joe
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