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  1. This is my favorite image and underwater moment of 2009, I think we both had the same expression! Taken in Lembeh with a Canon 350D in an Ikelite housing and single 125 strobe.
  2. Here is a great package deal for a new photographer, a spouse, or kids wanting to give it a try. Included: Olympus 3040Z camera with 1 set of batteries and several media cards, it works Olympus PT-005S Housing (hard wired for external strobe) Tray and handle for housing and strobe Epoque ES-150 Strobe Inon UCL- 165M67 close-up lens Price $315.00 includes shipping Cont. US only Contact Chet King e-mail to chesterlking54@hotmail.com phone 518-436-1469
  3. Wonderful images. I'll be off to Club O in 3 weeks, can't wait.
  4. Great shot of a splendid fish, (and shrimp)
  5. Kris I have to agree with your observations. We even were able to view this critter with your U/W magnifier, a very handy pocket tool for our dives. Thanks for the responce. Chet
  6. I discovered this little fish over a sandy bottom in St Vincent. It would roll along with the current an occasionally stop and feed by pecking at sand grains. It was round, (roundness did not show well in photo) and about the size of a green pea. Any ideas what this might grow up to be? Just curious, Chet www.pbase.com/chet
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