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  1. I have a surplus set (new) for sale. The kit comes with FO cable, allen key, mushroom lock, black shield. Selling SGD 48 Item location: Singapore Delivery cost not included. Package to be sent in standard mail package. Payment via Paypal. Please email me for more info
  2. Hi, I've got one unit for sales, this adapter allows 67mm thread lens to be mounted on the WP-DC21. Price before shipping and handling Check it out http://www.pbase.com/yellofins/image/96429827 http://www.pbase.com/yellofins/image/90240539
  3. Howdy! I've got the above for sale at about USD 2850. Please contact me for more information. I accept only paypal and price is before shipping. Cheers
  4. Howdy, I've got one unit to offer. Please contact me for more details or refer to the link http://www.pbase.com/yellofins/image/90625502
  5. Thank you everybody. Eventually, I've got myself a Lowepro Stealthreporter 400. Its a soft camera case but fits the housing lens, single strobe and arm snuggly. I can even squeeze in spare batts and portable hardisk. Its way much cheaper too!
  6. Thanks, I've got a computrekker, and it doesnt fit. I will try a Stealth reporter D550AW
  7. Hi, I'm trying to fit the above equipment into one case suitable to be carried into the aircraft cabin. Anyone with past experience, has a suitable case in mind? Pelican / Storm or others? Please advice Happy New Year.
  8. Ok, just a couple, there you go... the rest are all here http://www.pbase.com/yellofins/bali_diving I have problems achieving good focus with the F31d in macro mode, the pictures appeared shaky. Any good advice?
  9. Hi Vince, It'll be great if you can collect in SGP. I've sent you details via email.
  10. Its a Surplus set. Hope I am not causing any inconvenience here.
  11. All, I've got the Z240 for sale at an attractive price Please go to the link for more info. http://www.pbase.com/yellofins/image/90277383
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