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  1. thanks for all the suggestion everyone. I like the idea of using air to get rid of the dust. Thanks again. MMM - must go and use my new dust free dome now cheers dave
  2. Hey there everyone, Firstly I must say what a great group this is. I always enjoy reading the advice, articles and updates on wetpixel. So thanks! To the point. I have just got a new ikelite 8 inch dome for my 20D housing to really immerse my self in my WA passion. I have a question about what others do to get rid of dust inside their ports. I have very good quality lens cloths which I use on my L glass canon lenses, but they still seem to leave behind fluff and dust (when i try an clean my dome port)! Maybe I am just a bit to pedantic. So what do my fellow wetpixel-ers do to get a nice dust free dome (inside that is)? Look forward to you comments suggestions Cheers Dave west oz
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