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  1. I heard that INON devote 18,000,000 yen($200,000) to development in this project from Inon's staff. Btw, This lense is priced at 93,450 yen. It released on 25 Sep 2009.
  2. The INON Ultra compact semi-fisheye relay system lens. It is scheduled to go on sale this summer. The INON Ultra compact semi-fisheye relay system lens at Diving Festival2009 Back of x-2 housings for 40/50D The INON Ultra compact semi-fisheye relay system lens at DEMA2008 Yoko
  3. Hi serge, Glad to be of service! I am looking forward to seeing underwaterphoto is taken by you with the new x-2 for 50D. Hi Tim, >Any news on new housings for the D90? Unfortunately, Sea&Sea, Seatool didn't display the housing for D90. I heard rumor that both of them doesn't release the housing for D90. Yoko
  4. >It's weird... no window for top screen!! >I hope this is just prototype. I think so, too! INON Mr. Torii showed me the new INON x-2 housing. The new INON x-2(for 40D/50D) body is not machined but casted. It is lighter than prior x-2 both of in water and on land. It is scheduled to go on sale this summer. BTW, Did you mention that you are interrested the INON Ultra compact semi-fisheye relay system lens? Yoko
  5. Hello, everyone I never thought I'd find this topic here! I post this topic on DSLR forum because I will report new housings for DSLR. At first, Sea&Sea exhibit new housing"MDX-5D MK2"for Canon5D MK2. MDX-5D MK2 is 150g lighter than DX-5D. It is scheduled to be available in May. Yoko
  6. The 23rd Diving Festival 2009 was held in Tokyo Big Sight Mar27-29. http://www.scuba.or.jp/df2009/index.html Sea&Sea, INON and Epoque comes out with a new housing for DSLR. Are you interrested in further datails? Yoko
  7. Anthis has announced the release of of the housing for 5D MarkⅡ. http://www.anthis.co.jp/news09-07-1.html http://www.anthis.co.jp/news09-07-2.html Price:JPY246,750~273,000 Dimensions (WxHxD): 313x175x134mm Weight: 2,054g Depth Rating:75m Yoko
  8. Mr. Chijimatsu, President of Tail take a picture with Canon 5DMKII. http://dive-tail.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/20...5d-mark-a5.html Before long, Mr. Ochi, Japanese photographer will report the tour of esperance, West Australia with Canon 5DMKII and giyorome-lense with Canon 40D. http://www.web-lue.com/blog/categorise/takaji-ochi/index.php Yoko
  9. Hi Elmer, I hope you will forgive me for being so slow to answer. Due to Sea&Sea staff, they doesn't bring out your question. However, Sea&Sea Japan has announced of the making the housing untill about three months that released of the camera in a number of instances. Yoko
  10. Sea&Sea Japan has announced the release of the housing for 5D MarkⅡon Nov 4 2008. Release date of the housing has not yet been determined. http://members.seaandsea.co.jp/column/214.html Yoko
  11. Sea&Sea released DX-S5pro as a "limited production model" at a time in the past. but DX-S5pro is remaindered. In japan, DX-S5pro was sold JPY 262,500 at fiirst. but, Today, DX-S5pro is sold JPY 188,000.
  12. Hi sharkegg, I have been got the infomation about housing for Nikon D90 from Sea&Sea staff. Sea&Sea Japan doesn't decide to release the housing for NikonD90. because, Many DSLR has been released for the last year. Yoko
  13. Hi, SEA&SEA is developing new MDX housing for Nikon D700. http://members.seaandsea.co.jp/column/220.html Dark-blue colored MDX-D700 is limited-production model and has two fiber-optic cable sockets. You can choice ergonomic grip or Grip-Stay L. SEA&SEA start to accept orders for MDX-D700 in Japan. MDX-D700 is scheduled to be available next spring. Yoko in New York
  14. Hi, INON has announced the release of S-2000, Underwater Camera Strobe on Dec 28. http://www.inon.co.jp/cgis/news/wforum.cgi...view&page=0 Price:JPY39,900 Yoko in Detroit USA
  15. Hi, Tail has announced that they has finished the prototype housing ”Natilus NEO" for Canon 5DMK2. http://dive-tail.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/20...dmark-1cb0.html Materials:ABS resin Tail make ”Natilus NEO" for Canon 5D is possible that modifiy to fit Canon 5DMK2. Yoko
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