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  1. I have placed three synch cords for sale on ebay: Two Sea and Sea 5-Pin Sync Cords for Underwater Photography: Item # 171030404313 Item # 171030405254 One S6 to Sea & Sea 5-Pin Sync Cord for Underwater Photography Item # 171030460905 Copy and paste these item numbers into the ebay "Shop By Category" line and click search.
  2. I have placed two Inon Z-220 strobes up for auction on ebay: Item # 171030349342 Item # 171030356274 On ebay copy those item numbers into "Shop By Category" and click search.
  3. I wonder if the Heinrichs Weikamp External TTL Converter for Canon that used to be available from Reef Photo (http://reefphoto.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2355) might have solved my problem and given me eTTL capability as well. One of the people at Reef just told me that this converter is no longer available and that company is no longer in the business of making converters. It is not clear as to whether the SEA & Sea converter would solve my problem and it doesn't have S6 connectors to mate with my Seacam housing.
  4. I was not referring to eTTL. I just want the Inon Z-220 modeling and target lights to work as designed in manual exposure mode.
  5. I have a new Seacam housing, a Canon 5D Mark II, dual Inon Z-220 strobes and S6 cables connected between the housing and the strobes. Everything works well with this setup in manual mode but I can't figure out how to make the modeling lights and LASER target lights to work the way they used to work with my Fuji S2 PRO and a Sea & Sea housing. The Seacam hot shoe is configured with a single pin (the pin that doesn't have a mate) as recommended by Seacam for non-TTL manual mode. I can't find information about the pin outs for the Canon 5D Mark II and am reluctant to add additionall pins to the Seacam hot shoe without further information (I destroyed a Sea & Sea strobe a few years ago when I shorted some pins on the strobe by mistake). Has anyone had success with a similar setup? Art
  6. The housing has been sold. Thanks everyone.
  7. I am selling my personal Seacam silver 5D underwater housing for a Canon EOS 5D digital single lens reflex camera. The housing is in mint condition and comes in the original box. The housing is listed on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=STRK:MESELX:IT I am also selling my Canon EOS 5D on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...=STRK:MESELX:IT
  8. I don't know if you are still looking but I have a Sea & Sea S2 Pro housing with the macro port and wide angle port.
  9. I have been using the 100mm Macro in a Seacam 5D housing and it is fantastic. I had originally been using a 60mm Macro on a Nikon N90 film camera and then on a Fuji S2 and always had problems getting close enough to fill the frame even with the 1.3 factor with the Fuji S2. It took me several dives to get use to the 100mm on the Canon 5D. I had to get adjusted to the longer working distance to fill the frame and the difference in the exposure settings on my two Inon strobes.
  10. I just got back from Grand Cayman. I shot a lot using my new Seacam 5D housing and Canon 5D. I brought along a 4 pound Averatec 3700 12 inch laptop computer (with 512MB of memory and Windows XP) but found that the computer bogged down when using Adobe Photoshop CS2 to work on RAW images. It seemed to get slower and slower the more images I worked on even after closing each image before opening another image. If I rebooted it wasn't so slow until after working on more images. In addition image on the screen changes dramatically depending on viewing angle. I have thought about doubling the memory to 1 GB but because of the compact design of this laptop major surgery is required to do so. This leads me to my question: What light weight laptops are people using for travel?
  11. Do the laser and modeling lights work on both strobes as you describe when you use two single cords or only when you use a dual cord? Thanks, Art
  12. Interesting. I sent an email to Sea&Sea and they responded that the 5D housing had a 5 pin connector. However the info on their homepage says that it has a 6 pin. Do you happen to know what is correct? Thanks, Art
  13. If two strobes are connected do the modeling light and the laser light work on either of the two strobes, or just one, or neither? What about other housings where you don't have a printed wiring board to work with?
  14. I recently bought a Canon 5D and I am planning on getting a new housing. I currently have a Fuji S2 in a Sea & Sea housing. To use my two Inon Z220 strobes with the Fuji S2 the two type-N ("Nikon") strobe ports on the housing need to be wired with all five contacts on both ports wired for the modeling lights and laser lights to work on both strobes. I attached a drawing showing the wiring. How do the type-N strobe ports need to be wired to work with the Canon 5D to allow the modeling lights and laser lights to work properly? I know that you can arrange the contacts on the Seacam housings but I read that the two type-N strobe connectors on the Sea & Sea housing are wired 6-pin and 2-pin which I do not understand unless they count the connector sleeve as a pin. In any case how do the type-N connectors need to be wired to allow the Canon 5D to work correctly with my two Inon Z220? Thanks, Art
  15. I bought a Travel Pro Extreme 22 inch rolling duffel for $90. Here is a link to a picture and description: http://www.1800luggage.com/product-product...category_id/469 I use it as a flight carryon for the the things I would not trust shipping in the Pelican or in the dive bag. In addition it carries a change of clothes and my ditty bag. This rolling duffel works great for getting back and forth to the boat. It has several zip pockets to hold small tools, flash cards, batteries etc. It also has a large zippered pocket that holds my 8 inch dome port. The housing with handles attached fits perfectly and I use a large piece of bubble wrap to wrap the two strobes with arms attached. The rolling duffle has upper and lower sections that open up with a zipper to a large interior. For traveling I put my wetsuit, regulator, prescription mask and computer in the lower section. I put everything else in the top section. For getting back and forth to the boat I use it in the "opened up" configuration. It is pretty rugged and dies quickly. It fits under the seat on the boat but I try to put it below deck if I can. It collapses flat so it doesn't take up too much space. I bought some small "dry bags" from Hudson Trails Outfitters for the batteries etc. They fit perfectly in the duffle's zippered pockets.
  16. Would someone be willing to post the depth of the Storm 2750 padded bottom divider and the depth of the top tray? I am trying to determine if my Sea & Sea housing will fit standing up.
  17. Hi James, With the added depth of the Storm 2750 you have both the bottom dividers and a tray - correct? With the dividers from the Pelican 1610 (which isn't as deep as the Storm 2750), I don't have the top tray (and the bottom tray for the 1620 is different than for the 1610). Which dividers are you using with the Storm 2750? Art
  18. I am thinking of replacing my heavy Pelican 1610 that contains my Sea & Sea S2 Pro housing, ports, Inon strobes, Ultralite arms and other accessories. I am using plucked foam with the Pelican even though I bought the Pelican padded dividers. The Sea & Sea housing is large and I couldn't configure the padded dividers in a satisfactory fashion. Like the Storm dividers, the Pelican divider set has two long sections that go across the length of the 1610 case and a whole bunch of short dividers. I am thinking of getting the lighter Storm iM2750 with plucked foam. It looks to me like I would have the same configuration problem with the Storm padded dividers. Any comments about the Storm plucked foam versus the Storm padded dividers? Who is using which? Thanks, Art
  19. Please post when you find some that fit. I will do the same and hope that other members will post as well. Art
  20. Check out this thread by doing a search for: Inon Z220S & dual bulkheads?? It has some information about various Inon Z220 configurations.
  21. Has anyone else had problems with batteries in the Inon Z220? I have two Inon Z220s and one is very fussy about what batteries will work. It sems to have problems with the battery connections if the battery is a somewaht of a tight fit into the battery compartment (the battery doesn't just drop in). I have found that 1600 mAh batteries are slightly smaller in diameter than 2200 mAh battieries and will usually work while 2000 and 2200 mAh batteries do not work reliably. In addition with the larger batteries sometimes one of the four batteries becomes difficult to remove from the battery chamber.
  22. I usually take my laptop but this time I need to travel light. I am hoping that in the future Epson will update the firmware so that the P-2000 will allow us to view Fuji RAW files. Maybe I will just buy two more 2 GByte CF cards and wait until I get back from a week's diving.
  23. What have people been using to store RAW images from the Fjis S2 Pro? The Epson P-2000 reviews indicate it works for Nikon and Canon. What about Fuji? Art
  24. This is Art Prest. I too was part of the class and had a great time while learning a lot. I was using a Fuji S2 in a Sea & Sea housing with dual Inon 220 strobes. Although my exposure tests in TTL mode with the dual Inons were very consistent I decided to switch to manual exposure mode and not use TTL after the first day. I found that my pictures improved dramatically after I got over my nerousness of having to think about exposures underwater. I did find that the biggest improvement came after I adjusted the LCD on the camera to more closely match the image on the PC. Up until then I was underexposing my pictures because my LD was to bright.
  25. I am answering my own question. I installed the Fuji S2 Pro with my new Nikon 14mm lens into the Sea & Sea S2 Pro housing and Sea & Sea "Standard Dome Port" and everything fits and works. I haven't tried it underwater yet and I hope there are no surprises. Art
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