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  1. O.k. all in a quandry - I have 28 days until next dive trip.. looking for a new strobe to play with for my Oly set up SP-350 / PT-30 - Currently have left over slave - Sealife(just because I still have it) and hate every time I take it out. I am desperate to upgrade b4 I leave. I have narrowed down my choices as follows 1. YS-110 with the Athena TTL conversion for OLY. 2. INON D-2000 /D-2000Wn or Z-240. These are my choices, I have not seen any posts on the Athena conversion any thoughts, comments or shreaks of flooding???? anyone with these current set ups that can give pros/cons?? Since this is an expensive "hobby" we all have. The more info one can get b4 purchase is most helpful. Thanking all/anyone in advance.
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