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  1. Very tragic news indeed, My heart goes out to Steve's family and close friends. Every time I watched him dangle a Mamba or Cobra from it's tail I thought about how lucky he was to still be alive. If you stare death in the face as many times as he did then surely he must have thought that someday death would take notice and stare back. But never had I thought that a ray would get him, as someone who has spent countless dives with big rays throughout my 30+ years as a diver and dive instructor I guess it just shows how we can easily underestimate the size, power and motivations of the creatures we love so dearly and spend out lives trying to be with.


    Peace be with you Steve,



  2. So obviously the diving and environmental groups out there are not doing enough to educate dumb-ass fisherman who feel like going out for the day to kill an un-edible species like the hammerhead. Why kill it if you have no intention of eating it. I spent 3 1/2 weeks in Galapagos this past March diving with Hammerheads, by the time I get there again they may be all but gone.


    So sad.



  3. Just returned from 3 1/2 weeks in Galapagos including 5 days at Wolf and Darwin. I was the only diver on Sky Dancer not using a reef hook in extremely strong currents. Can't say it wouldn't have come in handy, but I prefered to use the large boulders available to hide from the current. Definately built up my right fore arm from holding the camera one handed though. And by the way, my Carter SMB saved my rear several time waiting for the Zodiac in 8 foot seas.



  4. Hi Marjo,


    We'll be Peter Hughes Sky Dancer March 16-26, at the Silberstein Hotel in Puerto Ayora March 16-April1, and on Lindblad's Polaris April 1-8.


    Sailing to the islands sounds like such a great adventure, I hope you have a great time. Yes I remember you from Dema, but I thought Ed drank all the Rum. Dan and Gale McDaid from Scuba Shak were in Galapagos last year on Lammer Law I think, said it was phenominal.


    Best Wishes and good sailing,



  5. Tim,


    I compared my 867Mhz Powerbook G4 (with 1.25 GB Ram) to the new Intel core duo 2.0 Ghz MacBook Pro (with 1 GB Ram) at my local apple store using both Photoshop Elements and CS2. The MacBook was faster all the way around, although my 12" 3 year old Powerbook is a bit out of date.


    They had lots in stock, I might just have to save my pennies for one. A very impressive machine.



  6. Hey Marjo,


    Congratulations, I'll also be in the Galapagos March 16 - April 8. Yeh there's always extra dive gear available on St Croix, but a 7mm suit that fits? How lucky can you be.


    Best Wishes


    Doug Kaufman

    (formerly of St Croix & St Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures)

  7. You probably won't see much performance difference in the Ultra II vs Extreme III cards on a D70. I prefer to not have to open my housing between dives on a boat to change cards. I would much rather wait until I am back in my room and can control the environment around me ie no dripping wetsuit sleeves or other divers bumping about me. I shoot with a 6GB microdrive with several 2GB Sandisk Ultra II cards as backup for my Canon 20d.



  8. Hi William,


    I've had similar problems with one of my Atoms (version 1) and a battery change seamed to fix the problem with the exception that my dive screen now says LEU instead of SEA to indicate I'm in dive mode. I'll see how it works in Indosnesia in 2 weeks before sending it back to Oceanic. Good thing I have backup.



  9. I for one am looking forward to getting Aperature. I love photoshop, but it doesn't solve my problems managing 50,000 images now on multiple hard drives and backup dvds. My next purchase though will be to upgrade my 5 year old desktop to an modern system, my 12" powerbook is also 2 years old and run Aperature it won't.


    As far as Adobe is concerned, Apple should buy them lock stock and barrel, just as they did with Video software companies before Final Cut Pro was released.



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