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  1. I first met Rick while he was running a Nikonos Shootout at Anthony's Key on Roatan in the mid 80's. I spent hours watching him shoot over/under shots in the key and he taught me how to field strip and clean flooded Nikonos Cameras. He is and was a great photographer and a true professional. Doug
  2. I got a great deal on a Wakatobi dive trip at DEMA. $2750 includes r/t air on Singapore Airlines from either San Francisco or Los Angeles, 3 nights at the Bali Hilton (2 going, 1 returning), 7 nights at Wakatobi w/ meals and 3 boat dives per day. Contact Richard Woulfe at (619) 886-7044 (he's in San Diego) or by email at richard.woulfe@wakatobi.com You can do the same week on their live-a-board the Pelagian for $200 more. You can tell Richard I sent you but it doesn't get me anything. Doug
  3. Works for me too. I use dual 12" ikelite arms on each side. The cord reaches straight away, but you are not able to tie the cords down to the arms. Doug
  4. I also use a Mac 12" Powerbook with 1.25GB memory, a 100GB hard drive and a dvd burner. Unless you're a computer geek, don't buy a PC, the Mac is definately the way to go. Photoshop CS2 works just fine, I've had no problems with RAW files from my Canon 20d. Macs are super reliable, no viruses, no spyware problems. Doug
  5. Oh Yeh Vegas Baby! Next year DEMA goes to New Orleans, that is if the convention center is back in service. Perhaps someone with be showing a 5D housing. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Doug
  6. Al, If your computer has a firewire bus IE 1394, Sandisk makes a high speed card reader that works great, and is as fast or faster than the USB 2.0 readers Doug
  7. Danny, The 17-85 is a great lens for fish portraits since you can shoot subjects as small as 5" across from a distance of several feet. And unlike a macro lens you can still zoom out and shoot semi wide subjects as well. Normally I'm a shoot as wide angle lens as I can guy, but for the other stuff or when viz is less than perfect it does a great job. Doug
  8. New Orleans is such a great city to visit, I've been there so many times for the DEMA show and for Mardi Gras. So so sad to see such a great city destroyed. I have so many friends in New Orleans, Slidel, Biloxi and Gulf Shores Alabama area. I hope everyone is in a safe place and that your familys, homes and businesses survive unscathed. Doug
  9. Al, I'll seconds James remarks. I shoot the 20d in an Ikelite housing with 2 DS-125 strobes. For wide angle 2 strobes gives you not only more even lighting, but the option to move one strobe around for a bit of halo back lighting, which gives close up items in a wide angle shot a nice backlit edge. The ETTL2 works perfectly 99% of the time and the built in manual controller fixes anything else. I've purchased from both J&R and B&H with good results, but B&H processes your order and ships faster with better web tracking. By the time J&R's web site show that the order is ready to ship I've had the package for 3 days. Doug
  10. I'm looking for an extremely small point and shoot digital video camera housing for my girlfriend. I noticed that the Sanyo/Fischer camera uses SD-Cards for storage and a small housing is made by Epoque specificly for the C-1 and C-4 model cameras. Has anyone used this camera or housing? Any comments? Thanks for your help. Doug
  11. Sean, Nice site, it's good to see some cold water images here on wetpixel. I especially liked the Moon Jelly above the sand. Doug
  12. I am also looking for a larger printer, currently using an epson 2000p. Like my printer, but would like to go bigger and with larger ink capacity. Doug
  13. Sorry to hear of your losses, I fly with American at least 20 flights a year, and up until quite recently, I flew through San Juan to St Croix on a regular basis. I've never had a loss. The only difference is that I never check my cameras and housings. The cameras go into a Lowepro soft shoulder bag and the housings, ports, strobes and laptop etc go into a wheeled carry on bag that fits in the overhead compartment. The only things I check in are clothes and my beat to hell looking (but perfectly serviced and working) dive gear. Doug
  14. Truely Beautiful images, my favorite is the shot of the mating Hamlets. Photography is never about the equipment. Doug
  15. You might want to carry a "Jon Line" which is a small clip (hook) and about 10' of line in a compact pouch. Clip the hook on the down line, clip the other end to your BCD and let go. You can then deco 10' away from the main line at a fixed depth. Several companies make these including Dive Rite, OMS and others. The pouch is only about 1" x 2" x 1/2" and will easily fit in a bcd pocket. Doug
  16. I'm in. Keep in mind that there are at least a dozen wetpixel members plus Eric, James and Craig who have enough high quality images to publish a complete book on their own. Care must be taken to eliminate the possibility of a "Book of the few" paid for by the many. Perhaps by limiting each member to a maximum of 1 image in the book each will make this a true example of the photographic skills of the wetpixel membership. Doug
  17. I don't know if this helps anyone, but here are a couple images shot last month with the Canon 20d, 10-22mm zoom at 10mm, Ikelite housing and acrylic dome #5503.50 All these are uncropped shot at F8 with strobes (except the starfish shot at F11). Corner sharpness is quite good, perhaps a pinch soft in the upper right hand corner at F8. Original images shot RAW (CR2) but these are medium jpegs 800 x 533 pixels. Doug
  18. I've done full frame 12 x 18" prints on my Epson 2200P with no noticable loss of detail. If my printer could go larger I would. Doug
  19. Hi Alex, Are you sure they are a shrimp? I can't identify any legs in the photos, perhaps some type of lice? Doug
  20. There was a photo on www.gizmodo.com of the D50, but I don't understand why they would do a chrome SLR. Canon proved that no one wants a silver camera. Perhaps it's a fake.
  21. What about a different aproach? Photographers wanting to show off their work can buy a page or perhaps a 2 page spread at say $100 /page for a total of 250 pages. This would make the book the "Wetpixel U/W Photographers Directory" much like the "Black Book" is for commercial photographers. Images would still have to meet minimum standards and be accepted by Wetpixel editors. Copies would be sold to the public at say $30 a copy ($15 wholesale) and have profits donated to releif efforts. I will commit to buying a page right now. Eric, where do I send my check? Doug ADDED: If you want put a free "Best Wetpixel Images of 2005" in the first say 20 pages of the book and hold a contest under a variety of catagories. Charge a minimal entry fee say $20/image to cover costs. And of course do this every year.
  22. Michael, For me the learning curve is not so big. I had been shooting with housed F3 for 10 years before switching to a digital 3 years ago (a Nikon CP-5000). The newest thing for me is learning to process the CR2 (RAW) files properly, as I was shooting jpegs with the Nikon digital. I had the 20d for a month before this dive trip and shot as much as I could above water to get used to the control layout, then spend another 8 hours in the pool trying the new housing before the trip. In my previous life as a dive instructor if I took a shot, looked at the image and said "I could have done this better" I could be back in the water that same afternoon or next day and re-shoot. Now that I am semi-retired and living in the desert I have to wait for that next big trip. Thank goodness the Sea of Cortez is only 6 hours away. Doug
  23. I agree with James, sell off your 50mm & 28-135 and buy the 10-22mm Canon zoom and the 100mm macro. Doug
  24. Mever, I love my DS-125's. Nice warm color, very even illumination, bright modeling lights, battery packs easily last all day (4 dives-300 images) before recharge. I used to have a pair of DS-50's I'd use just for macro, but after a while I got rid of them and stayed with the 125's full time. I couldn't reccommend them more highly. Doug
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