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  1. Dan, Yeah I tried to get a reflection of the starfish, but we both have thick prescription bi-focal masks and I either could see her face or the silver reflection as in this photo. The camera dome was only about 4" from the starfish. I guess I'll have to try this one again next trip. Does anyone else have a similar close focus, superwide angle shot with the subject reflected in the mask? Doug
  3. Great job Cor, I've seen a lot of divemaster cadidate maps in the 5 years I lived on St Croix and this is definately a great way to aproach it. Did you shoot it all from the surface or from a pre-selected depth. It would be nice to see all the north shore sites on St Croix mapped in this manor and put together in book form. Can you imagine a continuous u/w map from Buck Island through Salt River, Cane Bay and finishing down at Davis Bay? Again, Great Job Doug Kaufman PADI Course Director 31169
  4. I've had my CP-5000 housing and DS-125's below 250' on many occasions with no problems what so ever. I'm a little more cautious with my 20d housing, its only seen 150' and probably won't go much deeper. I've never flooded a camera in 30 years u/w and don't want to start now.
  5. Luiz, Although the Ikelite housing has the super-eye viewfinder, I am not able to see the entire frame through the viewfinder u/w. I tend to cut the top of my subjects off, especially when shooting verticals. I am able to compensate by reviewing the image on the lcd and then correcting on the next shot. I wear a prescription mask and that might add to the problem. Canon makes a viewfinder extender EP-EX15 which works great for me out of the water, but it is too thick and doesn't fit in the housing as is. I'm going to try grinding it down a bit to see if I can get it between the camera and the super-eye before my next trip. Kelpfish, Thanks for the redo, although that is a bit too contrasty and un-natural (over-saturated) for my tastes. Doug
  6. This was my first u/w outing with a new Canon 20d in an Ikelite housing. Shot 1000 images over 14 dives with no problems. I'll try to get a trip report up this weekend with more images. Stayed at the Divi Tiara Beach on Cayman Brac, it was a first rate operation with a nice 46' Newton dive boat. The Baracuda and Starfish were shot with the Canon 10-22 zoom, the goatfish was shot on a nightdive with the Canon 17-85 zoom. The housing was very comfortable in hand, well balanced and easy to set up and use. You can change the CF card w/o removing the camera from it's tray, but to change the battery you must remove the camera completly (battery lasted all day so not a problem). If you are shooting the 10-22 zoom you must first remove the port and lens in order to open the housing back. Also.. kudos to Ikelite on the ETTL2 conversion, exposures were dead on in a wide variety of lighting situations. Doug Goatfish 20d, 17-85 zoom, Manual Exposre 1/125 - F8 Starfish 20d, 10-22 zoom, Manual Exposure 1/60 - F11 Cuda 20d, 10-22 zoom, Manual Exposure 1/250 - F6.3
  7. It;s easy to take the filter on and off underwater. When I was shooting this camera I would slip the filter in my wetsuit sleeve so it was close at hand. Exposure compensation makes the overall image lighter (+) or darker (-), but I don't reccommend this as a way to increase the shutter speed. There are several great camera systems for sale in the classified section, including at least (2) Nikon CP-5000 packages (one of them is mine) which are great cameras with lots of exposure control and options for very little money. Check them out. Doug
  8. In a previous life I rented these out so here you go: You can order the filter from direct from UR-Pro at www.urprofilters.com You'll need a 46mm size and it threads directly on to the front of the Olympus housing, no adapters needed. When using the filter you lose 1 1/2 f-stops of usable light so the camera uses a slow shutter speed to correct the exposure. When using the filter hold the camera steady with 2 hands, squeeze the shutter release slowly, and photograph only non moving subjects. when closer than 3', turn on forced flash (always on) and remove the filter. Flash beyond 3' is not effective as the color is again lost and back scatter decomes very pronounced. Doug
  9. The 10-22 is my primary lens u/w for 90% of my stuff, I am not a big macro shooter. But the 17-85 is a nice inbetween for fish portraits at the high end of the focal length range, offers image stabilization, and gives me some versatility at the wide end when turtles, rays or schooling fish come by that a 100mm macro couldn't handle. Like I said before, I'll post images and a report when I get back, today I need to get packed. Doug
  10. I will be shooting next week on Cayman Brac with my 20d, 17-85, Ikelite housing and dome port. So far I've only shot a pool test and it looks good for fish portraits down to about 4 1/2" wide (about 1:5) so it is definately not a replacement for the 100 mm macro. By the way it does "fit perfectly" with the port - no zoom ring is needed on the lens, it's a snug fit inside the port. I'll post some simages when I get back mid month. Doug
  12. UPDATED 14 APRIL 2005 SOLD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH DOUG UPDATED 19 MARCH, 2005 CAMERA OUTFIT IS STILL AVAILABLE. $650 TAKES ALL INCLUDING THE 1GB MICRODRIVE. THIS IS A GOOD OUTFIT AT A GREAT PRICE SOMEONE SHOULD TAKE THIS HOME. DOUG Hi again everyone, I recently upgraded to a Canon 20d / Ikelite Housing system and now the Nikon gear is up for grabs at a great price. All this gear is between 2-3 years old, works great, no dings, no dents, no scatches, never flooded and is perfect for anyone new to u/w photography through intermediate photographers. I spent $2500 for all this stuff and have a minimum price of $600 for the whole lot, and will ship USPS 2nd day air at no extra charge if you live in continental USA. If you want I'll throw in a 1GB Microdrive for an extra $75. I'm sure someone can get some good use out of it, I put almost 5000 u/w images through it while I lived in the USVI and like I said, it still looks and works great. Nikon Coolpix CP-5000 5.1 MP Digital Camera *includes battery, CF card, charger, all cords, caps, software and manuals Nikon EN-EL-1 Lithium Ion Battery (extra) Nikon WC-E68 .68 Wide Angle Lens with case Nikon UR-E5 Lens Adapter Nikon Leather Case Ikelite 6190 Underwater Housing with Flat Port, Port Cover and Dual Handles *handles have been custom modified so that either can be removed Ikelite 93068.68 Dome Port with Port Cover Ikelite 9977.3 Release Handle Balls (2) Ikelite UR-Pro Color Corection Filter That's all send me an email at dskaufman@hotmail.com if you interested. Best way to pay is by paypal or cashiers check. I'll get it in the mail same day. Doug Kaufman PADI Course Director CD-31169 Owner: 1st Aid CPR Guys
  13. Hey everyone, Just a short note to confirm what everyone is saying about Ikelite's great customer service. I mailed my (2) slightly beat to hell DS-125 strobes back to Ikelite recently to update the electronics for ETTL2 compatability fro my Canon 20d. Strobes came back today with new battery packs, new external cases, new conectors etc, all at no extra charge from Ikelite. Wow... just like new and ready for my Cayman Brac trip in a week. Thank you Ike, I was already a customer for life, how about I just adopt all you guys. Doug Kaufman
  14. Does anyone have any experience with the Canon 75-300 DO IS? Doug
  15. Giles, Although I am an avid ipod user for my music, using it to back up your photos is at this time is still a primitive operation, as you are not able to view your images on the ipod photo without first processing them in computer. I travel with a 12" powerbook and back up each days shoot on a cd-r or dvd-r at the end of each day. The added size and weight are minimal for all the gained power and convenience I have at my disposal. By the way, the epson P-2000 is one bad ass little gadget, but a small notebook computer will always be better. Good Luck, Doug
  16. Luiz, I was told by reps at the Ikelite booth at the DEMA trade show last fall that the 20d housing w/ettl2 would be available by December (which it was) and that they were working hard on iTTL and "should" have it out early spring at the latest. So call it an informed guess. Doug
  17. Thanks Giles and David, It's been a few years since I've been to Brac, I'm looking forward to being back there. By the way nice images David. Doug
  18. Hi Guys, Can anyone give me the scoop on how the resorts are doing on Cayman Brac as far as rebuilding from last falls hurricanes? I'll be at the DIVI Tiara Beach in mid march and was wondering how the resort is, docks ok etc. Thanks for your comments in advance, Doug
  19. Luiz, Both are great cameras, I was a die hard Nikon film guy (Ftn, F2, F3) for many years and I have used a D70, but when I finally bought a digital SLR I bought the 20D, mainly because I liked the viewfinder for my aging eyes and the way the camera felt in my hands, plus the fact that the Ikelite housing offered ETTL2. My old Nikkor lenses were not auto focus, so they had to be replaced anyways. The 10-22 Canon zoom is an amazing lens and this should hold me over for the next 5 years or so. Buy either and you will own a great camera. By the way, Ikelite will have Nikon's iTTL figured out soon, and the D90 (D100 replacement) should be out by March at the latest. Good Luck, Doug
  20. Not to get too involved with the experts and doctors here, that's not my area of expertise. Just a quick mention of several troubling aspects to this issue from an instructors viewpoint that I have personally witnessed. Parents have a moral obligation to protect their children from hazards they may not understand. In the US, parents review and sign a medical waiver with their kids, a doctors physical is not required unless a customer answers "YES" to a pre-existing medical condition listed on the form. I have seen numerous examples of parents improperly filling out forms and intentionally denying knowledge of existing medical conditions in order for their kids to participate in diving. These conditions included asthma, heart problems, blood, brain and mental disorders in adition to the more usual "My son just turned 12 last week" when he actually just turned 8. Parents all seem to think that their kids are bigger, stronger, smarter and healthier than other kids and therefore the normal rules just don't apply to them, regardless of the risks involved. The only qualified person who is able to judge the health of candidate to dive is a professional physician with knowledge and training specific to asthma and diving. In Mexico our shop refered candidates to a local asthma specialist and diver whom we supplied with related medical medical books from DAN, a signed note from the hotel's house doctor "This person Jon Doe etc is OK to dive" would not be suficient. This is why instructors should help their students by A. Finding a local specialist to refer your students to. B. Calling the physician and setting up the apointment for their students needing medical clearance. C. Providing the physician with the needed RSTC medical clearance guidlines and forms, and D. Follow up with a call to the physicians office and ask to have the clearance form faxed back to the dive shop directly. This prevents the student or their parents from signing the form themselves (which I have also had happen to me). Proper medical oversight of the diving business protects our students, shops, ourselves, and the diving business as a whole. Even a small dive center pays thousands of dollars per year in liability insurrance for their stores, staff, and boat operations. Failure to properly utilize established industry protocols (forms, medical clearance) hurts all dive profesionals by raising our liability rates and by telling the general public that we are irresponsible and do not care about our students and our industry. Douglas Kaufman PADI Course Director CD-31169
  21. James, I have no experience with the 17-40, but being one of Canon's "L" lenses I would venture a guess that it is a fine lens, plus the obvious advantage of not being a slow variable aperature lens like the 17-85. However the 17-40 will have the equivilant field of view as a 27-64mm vs 27-135 for the 17-85. The 17-85 also has built in image stabilization, which should help holding those natural light shots at slow shutter speeds a wee bit steadier. The 17-85 has a minimum focus of 13" at all focal lengths, so can shoot full frame subjects 4.5" wide at maximum telephoto. It should make a very nice multi-purpose lens. By the way, Ike has emailed me that a port specific to this lens will be available in January (YES there is a Santa Claus!) Thanks Ike! Merry Christmas to all, Doug
  22. Thanks Ike and Merry Christmas! Received the following email from Ike this morning: "Special dome port for Canon 17-85 EF-S lens available January AF/MF and image stabilization switches can not be changed when in housing. No lens attachment or clamp required to zoom. We do not know yet if a # diopter close-up lens will be required." Thanks again, Doug
  23. Nodack, The 17-85 is a great lens for u/w. It focuses close enough for fish portraits and is a great overall lens, but it is not a super wide angle lens. I spoke to Ike about a port for the lens and although it will fit in the 5503.50 dome it has not been tested by them yet. He will let us know what he finds and whether a new port is required. In the mean time, get the 10-22, it the same angle of view as a 16-35mm and between the 2 lenses you are pretty well covered. Doug
  24. OK guys, According to the RSTC, Asthma is a Relative Contraindiction to diving. With a proper examination and lung volume testing, it is possible to recieve medical approval to dive in some circumstances. However, Active RAD (reactive airway decease) is an absolute no go and although I have seen numerous examples of doctors in resort areas who will sign a medical clearance, I as an experienced PADI instructor with over 1000 certifications and never a student injured, I would not and will not ever accept an asthmatic as a student, regardless of pressure from a dive shop owner. I have known 2 other good instructors (PADI and NAUI) who have had student fatalities due to asthma attacks and subsequent embolism (both students had doctors medical approval), and it ruined their lives and careers. Dive shops and their instructors should never be allowed to determine whether a student is medically qualified to dive, only a qualified doctor and the proper testing can provide the answers a student and their instructor need. Hope that helps, Douglas Kaufman PADI Course Director CD-31169
  25. Does anyone know which is the correct port for the Canon EF-S 17-85 lens? I'm about to order the Ikelite housing and the 5503.50 port for the EF-S 10-22 but am unsure which port to order for the 17-85, which has a length of 3.6", diameter of 3.1" and an angle of view of 18-78 degrees.
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