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  1. No options there, at least in the USA. At DEMA I spoke to Inon about opening a dealer account (and buying a large starting inventory) so that I could sell their products but was told that I would have to buy from one of their distributors in the USA at retail less a 10% courtesy discount for volume puchases. I thought this was BS, no one will become an Inon dealer with terms like those. And no disrespect to Marine Camera and the other Inon distributor, but if I sell a product in my store I should not be forced to buy from a competitor. Another reason to love Ikelite and their great dealer support.



  2. I agree with Ike. Although I have no problems turning the camera on or off, there are occations when I am suddenly unable to get the mode dial to work (The dial turns, but the aperature or shutter speed in manual doesn't change). I believe that the water pressure on deeper dives changes how the camera is aligned with the internal control shafts, specificly the mode, func and +- buttons on the top of the camera. The other possibility is that the camera mounting platform on the housing back is mis-aligned.


    Not much you can do about once you're in the water, other than get out and try in realign everything and then get back in and try it..



  3. Andy,


    I recommend you look for a good used CP-5000. Nikon makes an incredible 19mm lens for it and both Sea & Sea, Aquatica, UK-Germany and Ikelite make a housing and dome port to fit it as well. To the best of my knowledge, no w/a lenses and ports exist for the CP-5400. The other advantage is RAW file support on the 5000 vs the 5400. You can use either Ikelite or Sea & Sea digital strobes with either of these cameras.



  4. Hi Everyone,


    There are many great cameras out there for under $500. The cameras listed below all have a few comon features:


    1. Program, Aperature Priority, Shutter Priority, and Full Manual exposure modes

    2. Manual white balance capability to a white or grey card

    3. Macro focusing mode to a minimum of 8"

    4. An inexpensive OEM u/w housing rated to at least 100'


    Canon S-400 (4 mp), housing rated to 130'

    Canon S-50 (5 mp), housing rated to 100'

    Fuji F-700 (3-6 mp), housing rated to 130'

    Olympus 750uz (4 mp), housing rated to 131'


    In the Under $700 price range you might also check out:


    Olympus 5050 (5 mp), housing rated to 131'

    Olympus 5060 (5 mp), housing rated to 131' but not yet available in the USA till mid Jan 2004


    Hope that helps,



  5. Andy,


    I found the articles you mentioned in UWP (issues 1 & 2) about the Inon Quad Flash, not a true ring light but very close. It looks as if it were designed to fit around the outside of a Subal macro port, and offers TTL flash capability and a focus light. Sounds interesting but I have never seen this in person (not even at the Inon booth at DEMA). Might be worth following up on. Inon America's website is not up and running in full so maybe someone can track this down on the Inon Japan site.


    I personally think that the right shadow can add depth and interest to a photo and help draw the viewer into the image. But what do I know. We should investigate further.



  6. Thanks Craig,


    I had already looked at the UK-Germany website and there was no mention of it. I should have looked at Digi-deep first. Please let me know if you hear more. I'm thinking that the 1Ds is out of my budget and I already have a pile of Nikkor lenses. So if a housing exists then... (14 Megapixels).



  7. Getting back to the original S3 post,


    Today I noticed that Fuji has a new 20.68 megapixel (41 MP interpolated) 52 x 37 mm sensor fom their medium format camera. If you down sized this to 24 x 36 mm full frame 35mm size you have a 15 MP sensor (30 MP interpolated).


    Who knows what Fuji is really up to.



  8. James / Stephen,


    Sigma also makes a 12-24 F4.5-5.6 EX DG Aspherical / HSM with an angle of view of 122-84 degrees. Do either of you know anything about this lens or if it can be used behind a dome? I saw it yesterday mentioned in a B&H Catalog.



  9. Here in the US Virgin Islands


    Over the past year I've seen very few pro-consumer digital cameras ie an occational 4040 or 5050, and not 1 single digital SLR has stepped on our boats.


    Considering the number of divers we see on a yearly basis, it seems like digital has not yet made its mark on the gereral diving public.



  10. Great Shot,


    The color cast falloff is the result of an on camera underpowered strobe. My guess is that you were zoomed all the way in and at the max color limit of the internal strobe. Still a great shot. Using a more powerful external stobe and getting it farther off camera will help even out the color.



  11. Received this today from Sea & Sea, Looks like the rumor is true.




    From: Evelyn Crosby [mailto:ecrosby@seaandsea.com]

    Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 3:13 PM




    Carlsbad, December 10, 2003



    Thank you for your continued efforts in selling and promoting Sea & Sea

    products. Unfortunately today I have to inform you of the closing of

    Sea &Sea Underwater Photography USA Inc. as of December 23, 2003, which will

    be our final day of operation. It has not been easy for us to make this

    decision, however the difficult business conditions over the last

    several years have regrettably left us no choice but to close the American

    operation. On behalf of Sea & Sea USA I sincerely express our gratitude

    and thanks for your support and help extended to us over the many years we

    have been working together.


    As of January 1, 2004 Tabata USA, Inc. will take over responsibilities

    for distribution for all Sea & Sea products in place of Sea & Sea USA. There

    will also be no changes to the present Sea & Sea sales representatives

    currently serving you.


    Sea & Sea Japan will maintain its relationship with Tabata USA, so that

    in cooperation with our valued dealers, Tabata USA and Sea & Sea Japan, I

    believe the business of Sea & Sea here can grow and become stronger.


    Important notice:

    Final date of receiving order: Sea & Sea is receiving orders until

    December 17, 2003 inclusive. No orders will be processed from December 18, 2003

    on. Final date of shipping: Sea & Sea will continue shipping through

    December 19, 2003 inclusive. All backorders left non-shipped will be cancelled

    automatically. New orders can be received from January 5, 2004 at

    Tabata USA - (Tel) 1-800-482-2282 (Fax) 1-800-344-3702.


    Balance of Payment: All the outstanding account balances between

    yourself and Sea & Sea USA will be transferred to Tabata USA. Please DO NOT make

    any payments after today to Sea & Sea, all payments should be directed to

    Tabata USA as of January 5, 2004 at 2380 Mira Mar Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815.


    Products under repair: Products currently under repair will be returned

    to you after completion, adjustment, cleaning and pressure testing. Tabata

    USA will be responsible for all these units in the future.


    Warranty: Tabata USA will extend the same warranty as currently applied

    to all Sea&Sea products (as the warranty is the responsibility of Sea & Sea

    Japan being the manufacturer).


    Questions: Sea & Sea USA will handle any questions concerning your

    order, shipping, payments, balance, service etc. until December 23.



    Masaoki Yamaguchi


    Sea&Sea Underwater Photography USA Inc.

  12. Ryan,


    All these guys are right. Keep in mind that the farther south you are, the closer you are to the best sites such as Tormentos, Punta Sur, Punta Tunich, Maracaibo etc. A 15 minute ride on a slow boat with 6 other divers is much better than a 30 minute bouncy ride from hell on a fast boat with 24 divers and no room for a camera rinse bucket. The taxi ride into town is fine for a once or twice shopiing or dinning excursion but with an all-inclusive resort you can save alot of money on food by eating in. You should not expect to be able to get in the water and have the wall to yourself, Cozumel is not a sleepy little island any more and daily cruise ships and dozens if not hundreds of dive boats on the reef are the norm, not the exception. Make sure you are not sharing the dive boat with divers from a cruise ship!!!! You'll be stuck with the worst reefs and a boatload of beginner divers who haven't been in the water in 5-10 years and will kick every coral head and scare every fish within 100 feet.


    If you stay at one of the southern resorts, use the in house dive operator, even though you can get picked up by other operators at your hotel dock, since some operations don't alway want to go that far south. Call the operator in advance and ask:


    Max passengers on my boat?

    Will I have the same Capt and DM all week?

    Will you wash and store my dive gear for me and get it back on the boat for the next day?

    Can you guarentee that I will get to dive sites x, y, and z etc

    Do you separate beginner divers and or cruise ship divers from advanced divers on different boats and sites?

    How many minutes from my dock to the sites you want to dive?


    Not trying to scare you but I know all this from experience, having spent 8 1/2 years down there and diving nearly every day in Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Akumal and Cancun.


    Good Luck,



  13. Hey Ryan:


    Check out Dive Paradise's website @:




    They have basic and all inclusive (meals included) packages from $500 - $1000 per 7 nights / 5 days boat diving + shore dives. They are the on site operator for a dozen hotels. I like the Fiesta Americana, it's south of town about 5 miles by Palancar reef, so it's close to the dive site, boats hold 6-12 divers, and I've known the owner "Apple" an american ex-pat for many years.


    Good Luck



  14. There are nearly 100 dive operators on Cozumel, some good, some unbelievably horrible. Where are you staying, or if you do not have a hotel, what is your budget? What is your experience level as a diver. Some operations offer more hand holding or supervision, others little or none for VERY, VERY experienced divers. I lived down there for many years, and will be back in January, perhaps I can help out.



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