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  1. Hiya G - I haven't heard anything about that trip, but that's not saying much since no one tells me much of anything. Did you talk to Gary about it in SA? Because he's the one in the know! You trying to drum up some business?
  2. Hi WetPixelers - I wanted to introduce myself since there are already pics of me in Eric's DEMA write-up and you're probably wondering who the heck I am. Just spent a wonderful four days (five days? They all run together in a conference expo) chained to having a blast at the WetPixel DEMA booth with Eric, Eli, and Matt. I first met Eric and some of the WetPixel crowd at the 2006 Sardine Run and then had my first foray into underwater photography at Cocos/Malpelo this past May. Many thanks to our boy Eric, who patiently taught me some of the finer points of photos and Photoshop, as well as putting up with my Diet Coke addiction. I live in NYC, work in banking, and teach scuba in my free time for PanAqua. But enough about me - more about singing the praises of the stellar WetPixel DEMA team, who did a fabulous job promoting (in no particular order) the website community, shark conservation, photography, beer-drinking, and all-around silliness. So fun to spend quality time with guys! (even though we never did score me a swanky cool DAN backpack... we'll work on that for next year) 360ish days until Vegas! Cheers, Heidi
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