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  1. Nauticam NA-D4 housing for Nikon D4/4S. Will sell just the housing for $2000 obo, or I have multiple ports to offer as well (which will fit other housing bodies, for example the D500). Entire system cost more than $9000 new from Backscatter. Also have a D4S camera available as well. See attachments for invoices and list of items. Everything in excellent condition, no hard use.
  2. Read all about it at: http://www.splashcam.com/Deep_Blue/db.htm I purchased this system about a year ago for about $2,000.00 and have only used it once or twice. Excellent condition. Includes SplashCam Deep Blue Pro underwater marine video camera 250' umbilical cable & reel Cigarette lighter adapter Stabilizer fin Camera rotation handle Stainless eyebolt 6.8" LCD Monitor (45M068X) ibcluding: 2x A/V cables (female RCA audio, female RCA video) mini plug A/V connector Base Stand 12V DC Power Supply Auxiliary Lighting Pod (LP-100_ Pelican 1550 waterproof plastic case $1250.00 US$ for everything. Shipping additional - insured UPS Ground Shipping priced according to delivery address. Manufacturer's Description: The Deep Blue Pro Color is Ocean Systems' most popular and highest quality underwater video camera. You will be amazed with the video quality and versatile design of this outstanding underwater video system. No other underwater video system on the market today can match the quality of the Deep Blue Pro color camera. Utilizing all digital signal processing and military grade umbilical cable, the picture produced by the Deep Blue is stunning. 

The Deep Blue Underwater Video Camera is designed to be deployed into the water by itself. The high strength umbilical cable will support up to 700lbs of dead weight, which allows you to add ballast weight to get real deep if needed. You may also mount the Deep Blue to a down-rigger or to the end of a telescoping handle. The underwater camera will provide broadcast quality video of the underwater world back to the surface to be monitored in real time or recorded for later viewing. You can get up to 1000 feet of cable.

The Deep Blue underwater camera is rugged as well, able to withstand direct impact from rocks, cables and other debris. The Deep Blue will last for years to come. Features: Super high resolution color picture Low Light Operation Virtually Indestructible Underwater Camera Housing Military Grade Umbilical Cable Xenon Technology Underwater Lighting Hand Held Reel For Easy Deployment / Recovery Recessed Lens Borsolite Lens Will Not Scratch Ability To Attach Up To 10 lbs. Of Ballast Weight No Installation Required, Fully Portable Camera Specifications: Image: NTSC Composite Video (PAL Optional) Auxiliary Lighting: Removable Battery Operated Light Pod Resolution: 520 TV Lines CCD: 1/3" Sony Super HAD Focus: Fixed 1 inch to Focal Infinity Lens: 3.6mm Wide Angle Iris: Electronic Operating Temp: -10 to 55 C Light Sensitivity: 0.15 Input Voltage: 12 VCD Current Consumption: 210 mA Output Signal: Standard Composite Video / Female RCA Jack Physical Specifications: Body Construction: Cast Aluminum Exterior Finish: Anodized / Thermoplastic Paint Camera Head Weight: 2 lbs in air / 1.2 lbs in water Depth Rating: Standard: 800 feet / Upgrade: 2000 feet Overall Weight: With 100 feet of cable 10 lbs Umbilical Cable Tensile Strength: 700 lbs break / 250 lbs nominal Cable Entry: Standard: Compression / Upgrade: Underwater Plug Max Cable Length: 1000ft. stock / 2400ft. special order Camera Dimensions: 3" diameter / 3.5" length
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