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  1. New lower price $900 Will entertain serious offers
  2. For Sale Sea & Sea Dx200 Housing for Nikon D200 camera. This is housing and NX Standard Flat Port #56101 only. No camera or lenses. Includes housing, flat port, camera tray, 2 handles on housing w/mounting adapters, mounting adapter for TTL device, rubber cover for flat port, housing body cover, 2 sets of O rings. This setup was used with Nikon D200 and 60mm lens. (not included) $1000.00. Will ship to US address at no additional cost. Worldwide shipping available.
  3. Here's mine. Shot in the Philippines at Puerto Galera
  4. Taken in Philippines Puerto Gallera April 2010
  5. Make me an offer that I can't refuse
  6. New lower price for these items $1200 Won't last long at this price email me at brucea@spotpos.com if you are interested Thanks
  7. No it is still available email me at andersenbr823@msn.com I look at that e-mail everyday.
  8. I have a complete video setup for sale. Everything you will need to get into underwater video, except water. Price $1500 plus shipping Includes the following items: UnderSea Video Housing with external controls Sony DCR-PC330 video cam Sony Wide Conversion lens +.7X Mounting tray with large rear view monitor Red Filter for blue water (Carribean) Sony AC Adapter/Charger AC-SQ950 (2) NP-QM71D batteries (2) NP-FM50 batteries LowePro case All cables - S-video, RCA, mini USB to USB, power Remote All manuals Weights Extra O-ring set Sony Memory Stick 1 Brand new tape 1 cleaning tape Camera and housing recently serviced and adjusted. Never flooded Please email me at andersenbr823@msn.com if you are interested.
  9. New price $2200 (cost over $4700 just 3 years ago). Will also throw in a Storm case iM2720.
  10. Sea & Sea DX200 Alunimum Housing with handles, and mounting tray for camera. Never flooded. Rinse after every dive. A few small scratches from normal diving, but works great NX Flat port with front and rear covers. No Zoom control Sea & Sea Compact Dome Port with SX Expansion ring Front and Rear covers Sea & Sea TTL Converter (N) UltraLight arms 12-24 Zoom Gear B&W +4 diopter for 12-24 lens Complete extra set of O rings, stainless steel allen wrench for handles, manuals for housing and TTL converter $2500 plus shipping costs For further information, or additional pictures of the other parts, please e-mail me at andersenbr823@msn.com
  11. Here's mine from Lembeh Straits in Nov. Nikon D200 60mm with single YS-60 strobe f/8 1/100 Manual ISO 100 WB is cloudy
  12. Denpasser (Bali) has lots to see. I also recommend a private car tour. We did that. Started about 10am and returned to hotel around 8pm. The private tour from the hotel was $85 USD. Well woth it.
  13. Steve, check out my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/8231564@N05/ I will be adding more as time goes on
  14. Just returned from a trip to North Sulawesi. Here are my experiences. Flew from LAX on Oct. 30 to Bali via Seoul on Korean Air. Arrive in Denpasser Bali at 02:15am on 01 Nov. We spent a day in Bali, sightseeing etc. Left Monday 02 Nov. for Manado on Garuda Airlines. Gardua now allows an extra 15 kg for scuba divers. I didn't have to ask for this, they actually asked if I was diver. They do enforce a 7 kg carry-on limit, however. Arrived in Manado about 12:15pm and went to Kima Bajo resort. Kima Bajo is a very nice resort, located on a hillside, so quite a hike up and down the hills from room to dive shop, resturant, etc. Spent the next week diving at Bunaken with Eco Divers. Walls and lots of coral reefs. Some currents so Sharks, turtles, rays are very common. They do a two tank morning boat dive. Then return for lunch. Afternoon boat dive is usually a muck dive. Night dive available if they get a least 2 people to sign up. Left there on Monday 09 Nov. and transferred to KBR on the Lembeh side. Didn't have to re-pack everything for the transfer, just put the dive gear in a box, so it was pretty much ready to go when we got to KBR. Trip took about 2 1/2 hr from Kima Bajo to KBR. Diving at KBR is all muck diving with bits of small corals around. 1st dive is 08:15am, 2nd dive 11:15am, and 3rd dive is 2:45pm. Dive sites are very close (10 -15 mins max), so return to the resort between every dive. Night dives available if they get enough people to sign up. Mandrian fish dives are available on Tuesday and Friday only. Maximum of 4 divers per guide. 1 day we had 3 divers on the boat and 3 dive guides. Everyone had their own personal guide. Left KBR on Monday 16 Nov. 2 hour ride to the airport. I had to ask for scuba allowance of extra 15 kg in Manado. I was also 9 Kg overweight and had to pay about $31.00 USD. Had the same weight on the flight up, but didn't have to pay then. Go figure. Left Manado about 1:30 pm and arrive in Denpasser Bali around 6 pm. Flight out of Bali was not until 01:30 am on 17 Nov. At Bali airport, they will not let you in to the ticket counters, (with air conditioning and chairs) until 3 hours before the flight. But $10.00 USD into the palm of the security guard got us into air conditioning and a place to sit down for several hours. Flew back to the US on Korean Air with layovers in Seoul and San Francisco. Korean Air/Garuda is probably not the best schedule for getting to/from Manado, but we used FF miles for the flights, so I can put with a little inconvience.
  15. Anyone have experience with Garuda Airlines on this flight? How strict are they on luggage weights? Any info would be appreciated Thanks
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