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  1. How much do you want for it? Does it have any cables? Is it still NTSC? (I'm in California.) How old is it - has it been used at all, since you couldn't convert it to PAL? Does it work - is the battery OK? All I REALLY need right now is a standard short housing/monitor connector cable, but I know the monitor's days are numbered. My understanding is that the battery can still be replaced but the main circuit board is no longer available so when that goes then goodnight monitor. Of course they told me at one point that the bulbs for my HIDs were "no longer available" and it turned out Welch Allyn still made and sold them...) I do love the little submarine (a Bluefin for the Sony HDR/HC5,7,9, bought new wa-a-ay back in late 2007.) But I don't want to buy a monitor back or anything else from L&M again. Wonder if they even still stock o-rings for the Bluefin...
  2. Thank you all! It was indeed in Humann & Deloach. Just didn't strike me as a "Swim with Pectoral Fins/Obvious Scales" type and I zoomed in on all the wrong ID details - duh! Now I just need to figure out how to de-activate this post... Sharron S.
  3. Saw a completely unfamiliar fish, about 18-20" long, at ~ 60 feet, under a ledge in Cozumel last week. Doesn't really match anything in Humann & DeLoach - possibly some form of an Atlantic Tripletail??? Any experts out there? Here's a link to the video:
  4. Found one on eBay, so I'm no longer in this particular market. sharron
  5. It's Monday! (I emailed you just now, then saw somebody's offer to buy just the housing. Stay in touch...) sharron S.
  6. Guess I will have to do just that. On thinking it over, realized it would probably fit in the housing, but would it work??? Maybe with a different tray or some other adaptation L&M would be willing to sell me... Thanks, Sharron
  7. Circumstances dictate backing up mission-critical items. I'd rather find one here than on eBay!
  8. Would you be willing to sell just the camera?
  9. would you be willing to sell just the camera?
  10. Looking to buy a backup camera for my Bluefin HC7 housing, purchased 2 yrs ago. Would a Sony HDR/HC9 work in the HC7 housing? May sound like a dumb question, but I'm smarter than I was 2 years ago! Thanks, Sharron S.
  11. Does anybody know just WHICH Welch-Allyn bulb/ballast is used in the L&M Sunray S-Pro HID head? Thanks, Sharron
  12. 1) What is an "L10-T" Bluefin? Do you have a photo of the rig? 2) What kind of LED light (lights?) do you have, & would you be willing to sell them separately? Sharron
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