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    Nikon D800 & D7000 bodies
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    Aquatica and Sea&Sea housings
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  1. The three AD7000 housings sold shortly after I posted them. I meant to post the remaining items on ebay, but they have been out of sight and basically out of mind. This is what remains:
  2. Hi All, I have the following items available: I will accept PayPal and other wire transfers, such as Western Union. PayPal charges me 3.9% and I, in turn, pass this charge to you. Shipping costs and transaction fees, such as PayPal, are in addition to the listed prices. All prices are in U.S. dollars. Best, Scott Johnson ascottj@seascapeimages.com
  3. To All, I am selling some of my excess equipment. Below are the used items for sale: * Aquatica D300 Housing - $1,550 (2 available) * Nikon D300 camera bodies - $1,050 ( 2 available; one with less than 24,000 shutter count, the other less than 17,000) * Aquatica Aqua View Viewfinder - $895 * Nikon Coolscan 4000ED Scanner - $875 (has not been used since receiving maintenance/check-up from Nikon service) * Nikon 105mm f2.8 D AF Micro Lens - $450 * Nikon 16mm f2.8 Manual Lens - $500 * Nikon 18mm f2.8 D AF Lens - $500 * Nikon 20mm f2.8 D AF Lens - $350 * Nikon 70-210mm f4-5.6 AF D Lens - $150 * Sea&Sea YS-120 TTL Strobes - $275 (2 available; have not been used since being service by Sea&Sea) * Sea&Sea YS-30 TTL Strobe - $125 (used once) All items are in excellent condition. The Sea&Sea strobes look "experienced", but are fully functional. Buyer pays shipping and any insurance. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Merry Christmas, Scott ascottj@seascapesimages.com
  4. Below are items for sale: * Aquatica D200 Housing - $1,585 * Nikon D200 Camera Body - $950 * Nikon Coolscan 4000ED Scanner - $700 * Nikon 10.5mm Lens - $479 * Nikon 16mm 2.8 Manual Lens - $300 * Nikon 18mm 2.8 AF Lens - $500 * Nikon 20mm 2.8 D AF Lens - $315 * Nikon 60mm 2.8 D AF Lens - $320 * Nikon 28-105mm 3.5-4.5 AF D Lens - $150 * Nikon 70-210mm 4-5.6 AF D Lens - $200 * Fuji S2 Pro Camera Body - $300 * Sea&Sea YS-30 TTL Strobe - $200 (used once) * 2 CompactDrive PD70X Portable Storage Devices (40GB) - $140 each * Compact Drive PD70X Portable Storage Device (no hard drive) - $75 All items are in excellent condition, except the Fuji S2. The S2 was in near perfect shape, serviced and boxed just prior to being put on a shelf and basically forgotten for the past two years. I put batteries in the body to check it and everything works great, except the auto focus assist light does not seem to want to flash. Of course, the auto assist is worthless underwater anyway. Buyer pays shipping. Please contact me privately via email (ascottj@seascapesimages.com) if you are interested. Thank you, Scott Johnson
  5. To All, I am finally taking time to re-organize my equipment once again. As such, I am selling duplicate and no longer used gear. All items are in good to excellent condition, except for the housings, which are fully operational, but look ... experienced. In particular, the 12-24mm DX was the primary wide angle lens used to photograph the manta's and the 105mm for the mandarins in the following link: * http://www.seascapesimages.com/yap/yap.html Username: amigos001 Password: manatee001 Below are the items for sale: * Nikon 12-24mm DX lens - $700 * Nikon 16mm 2.8 Manual lens - $400 * Nikon 18mm 2.8 AF lens - $550 * Nikon 20mm 2.8 D AF lens - $315 * Nikon 105mm 2.8 AF lens - $525 * Nikon 70-210mm 4-5.6 AF D lens - $215 * Nikon SB-23 Speedlight - $30 * Sea&Sea YS-30 TTL strobe - $300 (used once) * PD7X portable storage system without hard drive - $75 * PD7X portable storage system with 40GB hard drive - $100 * Nikon F4 Body with MB21 battery pack & Action Finder & Normal Finder - EX condition - $350 * Nikon F4 Body with MB21 battery pack & Normal Finder - BGN condition - $225 * Or, both Nikon F4 Bodies for $500 * Aquatica F4 Housing with Flat Port & Dome Port & Gears for 16mm, 18mm, 20 mm, 28mm, 60mm, 105mm & Extension Rings for 105mm & 2X converter $300 * Aquatica F4n Housing with Flat Port & Dome Port & Manual & Misc. Spare Parts & Extension Ring for 105mm $250 * Or, both Aquatica F4 housings, ports & gears for $500 Please contact me privately via email (ascottj@seascapesimages.com) if you are interested. Thank you, Scott Johnson SeaScapes Images
  6. Hello Everyone, I am scheduled to return to Belize for the fourth time in three years to observe/photograph the whale sharks & their interaction with Cubera snapper. Whale sharks typically arrive during the full moon weeks of March, April, May and June each year, with April & May being the best months historically. While I can not guarantee that you will encounter whale sharks on every dive, I have seen them on at least 75% (if not more) of my dives there. There have even been dives when as many as five whale sharks showed up at the same time. Total Cost of $2,100.00 includes: * Round-Trip Airfare from Belize City - Placencia, Belize * 8 Days/7 Nights at The Inn at Robert's Grove * 6 Days of 2 tanks/ 2 dives per day to observe Whale Sharks * New Park Fee of $30/day * Resort taxes & service charge * Transfers between hotel and airport You will need to fly into Belize City on April 24. Diving will begin on the April 25. Then, fly back to the states from Belize City on the afternoon of May 1. Images from the May 2004 trip can be viewed at (three of these were published in the August issue of Scuba Diving Magazine in an article on the whale sharks of Belize; a colleague, Doug Perrine, had a similar article published in the August issue of Sport Diver): http://www.seascapesimages.com/bel0504/bel0504.html If you are interested, please let me know. However, all arrangements need to be made through: Alvin Brown/Tropic Horizon at: Tropic Horizon - Your Belize Experts 260 - 29th Street, Suite 21 Piedmont, California 94611 Nationwide:1(800) 991-1969 The trip is limited to 12 divers. 6 spots are available. Information for the Inn at Robert's Grove (an excellent place to stay) is at: http://www.robertsgrove.com Best wishes, Scott Johnson
  7. Below is the other image (besides the previously posted Skunk Clownfish that we now know is a Pink Anemonefish that simply smells bad :-) ) that I saved from the reject box. There is a hot spot on the shark that definitely needs to be fixed. Also, the downward angle is a bummer. But, the overall motion led me to keep it. The only processing was sizing, levels and unsharp mask. Fire away. Scott
  8. Bob, Your shot illustrates the points I was trying to convey. The improved shooting angle opens the mouth and levels the eye for the viewer. And, the shadows, which are on the secondary or exterior side of the subject, highlight the frogfish. Good shot. Scott
  9. I enjoyed both "Nemo" shots. :-) Anemonefish are fun to watch and photograph. The depth & "in your face" composition of the first shot is excellent. And, the color of the anemone in the second adds to the shot. Scott
  10. Hello Rob, I also use F4's in Aquatica housings. Norma & Blake have been swamped. I can assure you that they are not purposely ignoring your questions. As Bob suggested, use the +3 diopter. I wish you the best. Feel free to contact me personally if you can not reach Blake regarding a housing issue. If I am not on assignment, I will try to help. God Bless, Scott
  11. O.K., I just now noticed the existence of this General Chat forum, saw James' post and reviewed both Will's and Alex's articles. First of all, I enjoyed your article Alex. The medium does not do justice to your images, just as it minimizes those by Doug Perrine. Still, a good read. In terms of the digital to film comparison article, without intending to demean Will's skills as a writer or photographer, I found it be stale, as if it should have been published a couple of years ago. Regardless of the improper comparision between photographic systems, the content is dated. It did not seem like Will was comfortable with the topic or content, almost as if he was pushed into writing it. Film still has its advantages and disadvantages, as does digital. However, I would prefer to read (and write) fresh perspectives that offer creative ideas to push the reader's imagination, helpful hints to delicate problems and "I wish" lists for manufacturers to consider. Scott
  12. Nice try Bill, but your subject was just a little too shy. If more of his body would have been exposed along with the curled tentacle, it would have been a great image. While Bob is correct in terms of repositioning your strobe or strobes to bring out more highlights and eliminate shadows, I still believe the main issue is one of availability. However, it looks like it could have been a fantastic opportunity for some tight macro shots. First the eye, then skin textures, next an isolated sucker, etc. I could have spent a lot of time on this guy/gal with a macro or standard set-up if he/she was willing to cooperate. Scott
  13. Focus is a bit soft. Also, possibly another crop?: Scott
  14. Much better angle on the hawkfish! The only thing I would do is crop the image something like this: Scott
  15. Hello Bill, Nice shot. You included the face and some of the side. Much more pleasing than a simple side shot. And, its framed vertically, which is also right on. I would have composed it a bit differently however by trying to gain a slight upward shooting angle, or at the least, eye level. Of course, with some subjects, especially frogfish, you do not have many options unless you are a contortionist. :-) So, forgive me if that was the case in this situation. Also, it appears either you used only one strobe or your left strobe was blocked as the primary side of the frogfish is not lighted. If you had only one strobe, I would have positioned it on the left side. If you were using two, it was just one of those cases where it either did not fire or it could have been positioned better. Shaded areas can be pleasing in an image, but usually not when so much of the area of the image is involved. Scott
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