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  1. What other spots in Indonesia do you folks like to dive and have the ability to take great pictures?
  2. WE have a shop trip booked at Wakatobi next November and are looking forward to the trip. We chose the destination because it looked like it would be great for the hard core photographer and also for the wives who might only want to do two dives a day and spend the rest of their time on the beach or geting a massage. We have recently been informed that there are very stringent rules for photographers including absolutely NO touching of the reef and absolutely no taking more than one picture of say... a frog fish. We are all very experienced divers and photographers. We are also very careful with the enviorment but enought is enough. Does anyone have any input? Are they really that stringent? We also have some questions about the food. Some reports are that it is less than great. Bossdiver
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