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  1. Hi all, This is a bit of a longshot but I'll try! I have a Fantasea UWL-09 wide wet lens - they are supplied with two adapters in the box: Type A and Type B (for different housings). I use the Type A with a Fantasea housing but unfortunately the screw thread has gone soft so it will no longer attach securely to the housing. I'm hoping to find someone that has the same lens, that uses it with the Type B adapter so doesn't need their Type A. I could either buy their Type A adapter or swap my Type B that I don't need for their Type A that they don't need. I'm mainly UK and Red Sea based but an exchange with someone in Europe could also be arranged! Thanks a lot, Sarah
  2. Dear all, I am considering buying an Olympus EM10ii for underwater use - if anyone in the UK or Europe has one for sale please let me know. I'll be starting with the setup from scratch so will be looking for body, lenses, housing (nauticam) and ports. I already have a tray and arms and strobes. Thanks, Sarah
  3. Hi all, Does anyone have any recommendations/experience with a good high quality photobook provider? I'm looking for something higher quality than the average Boots/Photobox/etc. 30 quid kind of things, but not as high as the 650 quid wedding photobook providers! Something in the middle, UK based. If anyone has any recommendations it would be much appreciated! Sarah
  4. Hi all, Thanks so much for all your help and advice. As this was an insurance replacement the decision in the end was taken out of my hands and they found the G9x ii a suitable replacement, so I will go with that and see how I get on. It wouldn't have been my choice but it seemed like all my options were going to be a compromise in one way or another. Thanks so much again for all your time and advice, I'll keep you posted with how it goes! Sarah
  5. Thanks SwiftFF5. I love the look of the TG-5 - was checking it out last night. The pictures in the microscope mode are stunning! But the lack of full manual control rules it out for me
  6. Thanks EvilOtter! Will definitely check out the TG5 and LX100, and Interceptor121's blog!
  7. Hi Ran, Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply - I appreciate your experience with all these different cameras! I guess my main questions are: 1. I thought the G7Xii was out of the running as I heard it doesn't play nicely with wide angle lenses - is that your experience too? If there's a wide angle lens which will work nicely then I would definitely choose it over the G9xii. 2. With the sony rx100 v - If I'm on a dive, take 20 stills shots, take a break, then switch to video for a 4k clip for 2 minutes, and carry on like this, will the battery make it through a one hour dive? If I go down to 1080p is the situation any better? 3. In terms of end photo quality from the camera - will it be significantly better with the mirrorless, or is the advantage the flexibility of lenses etc rather than end quality? I think the only reason the EM5ii is in budget is because it's likely to be replaced soon - certainly if it were at the list price right now it wouldn't be within my reach. My instinct says to go with the Sony, and not rely on it for 4k for shooting video for a whole dive, I just need to be sure that these overheating and battery issues are not going to hinder what I would consider a 'normal' dive. Thankfully I have daily access to beautiful dive sites and the ability to go back to sites again and again, and take my time, choose whether I want to do wide angle or macro, so I guess that's why I want to make sure I make the right choice as the camera will be used an awful lot. I really appreciate all your input and feedback guys, really. It's a total minefield! Sarah
  8. Hi guys, Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. I'll attempt to reply point by point I'd say primarily photo with a few video clips per dive. I have always mainly shot wide angle but would like to do much more macro in future. The main weakness of my ex-setup was just the end quality of the pictures. All the above fit within budget, and with the mirrorless I could afford the kit lens and a 60mm lens to start with during the first few months (the port with the housing would accommodate both of these). I guess one of my first questions would be whether these two lenses will give me enough to get started? Ideally yes, but not at the compromise of my stills pictures. I have a GoPro Hero 4 which shoots 4k - ideally I'd like to have it all in one camera. However, there is the option of mounting the GoPro on the top of one of the other housings if necessary. I guess the problem is that once something is available to the average consumer we want to have it I think the RX100 would be the clear winner if it weren't for all these issues with overheating when shooting video. Cheers, Sarah
  9. Dear all, I'm hoping you can help me. I've been reading online for days and days and still don't seem to be making any progress with making a decision for a new setup. A bit of background: I have been using a Canon S95 on full manual in a FIX housing plus 2 strobes (YS-01s), uwl-04 wide angle and epoque dml-2 macro lens. I do around 150 dives a year, all in blue, clear water. I mainly take stills, but I do like to take a bit of video now and then and video quality is important to me. I have a separate GoPro Hero4 with lights and it would be great if I could find a stills camera which means I can do away with the GoPro. I tried out a friend's Canon G9X Mk ii with Fantasea housing in March, and I enjoyed using it - it felt quite familiar compared to my S95. But I'll be honest, it didn't really excite me - I would consider it an updated replacement of my S95 rather than an upgrade. It's still a perfectly sensible option but I'm wondering whether it's worth putting some extra money in to have something better... I could go into the nitty gritty of all the pros and cons I've found (of which there is a lot, hence I haven't been able to make a decision), but how about I just throw out my current choices and see what you all would choose: G7x ii, G9x ii, Sony RX100 iv, Sony RX100 v, or go off-piste with Olympus EM5 ii. Also, a separate question - how do you know if a lens would vignette? For example, if I chose a housing with 55m thread (e.g. sony rx100 iv in fantasea iv housing) and used it with a fix uwl-04 (52mm thread) and step ring, would that vignette? Thanks all for your input, Sarah
  10. Hello all, I'm looking for a new housing for my S95 - preferably one which will take m67 screw lenses. Not really looking to upgrade the camera as this one does the job and I have all sorts of spares, spare camera, batteries etc for it. My canon housing is fine but looking for something a bit sturdier to take the lenses. I would prefer a Fix or Recsea housing but would also consider Ikelite. I am UK based but can pay shipping from abroad, depending on cost. Thanks, Sarah
  11. Thanks very much, I'm glad you like them. I've not been using a magic filter, thought I'd see how I get on first without it. Most were just taken using the underwater setting on the camera but once I got a bit more confident I was manual white balancing on the back of my hand. Most of the manual ones came out a bit wrong though as I didn't realise I had to hold my hand as far away as the subject would be, the colours came out a bit warm, almost red. Sometimes I white balanced on the sandy bottom which seemed quite effective. Some of the pictures came out exactly as they are, but with a lot of them I just put them on iphoto or picnik and clicked the 'auto fix' or 'enhance' button which made them a bit better. The one of the blue spotted ray hasn't had anything done to it, or the freckled hawkfish on the coral, or the clam. Another problem I had was breathing. Although I got better over the week, it was hard to dive down to say 3-4 meters and white balance, and hope that my chosen fish was facing the right way, and photograph it before I ran out of breath. But hopefully taking it diving will solve the problem. The moray picture in the gallery was the only picture I got of it as it was so deep, which was a shame. Looking at the gallery, the blurring isn't too visible but when I have them blown up quite large on my screen there is some strange blurring of the coral on, for example 330 of the masked butterfly fish and also on the clam picture. I've sent off for them to be printed though as a memento so I'll see what they look like on paper. I have to say it's quite depressing when you see them all on your little digital camera screen and think they're good and then get them on the computer and half could go straight in the bin! But I've definitely got the bug, next stop strobe and wide angle lens - I love taking big wide reef shots with all those anthias. Lovely. Oh, and also a white slate :-)
  12. After much deliberation before my recent holiday to Sharm el Sheikh I decided to purchase an underwater camera and housing. On this trip I mainly used it for snorkeling to get used to it, although in the future I'll be taking it diving with me. I found using it while snorkeling very difficult as the water was fairly deep and I remembered reading that I should get on a level with the subject, or below looking up at it. Being fairly buoyant myself it wasn't always possible, and I'm wondering whether this also contributed to the slightly blurred look to some of the photos as I wasn't able to keep as still and stable as when I'm diving. Anyway would really appreciate any comments/suggestions - good or bad on any of the pictures in this gallery, which were some of the better ones I took. I'm not really experienced in post processing techniques, so most have just been 'auto fixed' with Picnik or 'Enhanced' with iphoto. Some of them just appear really blurry and noisy to me, but I'm pretty sure it's something that I'm doing rather than the camera. Practise makes perfect I guess... Sarah
  13. Just to add, found this link with lots of sample pictures from the G7, the G9's predecessor: http://wetpixel.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t18903.html It seems some people on the thread were having the same dilemma as you about D-SLRs.
  14. Hi there, I'm still a beginner so feel free to take this with a pinch of salt, but what about going for a high end point and shoot like a Canon Powershot G9? I've seen some absolutely amazing pictures taken with that camera and it seems a popular choice... Sarah
  15. Thanks all for your helpful replies. I spoke to Matthias and he said that the DA-O-S would be compatible providing my strobe serial number began with certain numbers, which it does so that's encouraging. As for the preflash, I'm not sure. It all arrived this morning so I need to sit down and investigate the manuals etc. At a glance I can see how to enable and disable the flash but not the preflash, so will investigate this evening and let you know how I get on. As for the camera and housing, I'm really impressed. The camera is really slim with a fantastic large lcd which I think will be very useful underwater. And because the camera is slim the housing is a lot smaller than I was expecting. I'm really looking forward to having a play! Thanks again
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