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  1. Steve, Interesting reading...I have had 2 YS250s leak, both times the strobes were still firing and there was only a couple of cm of water in the battery compartment. In both cases the strobe was working one day and leaking another. Sea & Sea via their Aussie distributor replaced them both times...no explanation on what the issue was forthcoming even though I asked. Pretty sure the cap was not cracked like the one in your post. Great strobes though! Cheers Dave Y
  2. I thought some wetpixellers might be interested in a marine birth that has caused a stir around our dive shop... On recent visit to the great diving in Port Stephens NSW, Dive 2000 founder and pro-photographer Kevin Deacon came across a daddy seahorse releasing his offspring into the big blue at the Pipeline divesite. Fortunately Kev had his camera with him…check out the story and images on the dive club blog http://www.dive2000.com/blog/_archives/200.../4/4005947.html
  3. As a part time DM I see how much work, investment and stress goes into keeping a dive operation running. I would have thought that as a shop owner you would jump at any chance to have an ongoing dialog with your clients...it might be the difference in them coming back to you or going to experience another location. It does not take much effort to export some fairly low res images from Lightroom and email them to the clients with a upbeat note on some upcoming trips and activities? To me if you did not do that it would be an opportunity missed! Cheers Dave
  4. Hi Guys, My girlfriend and I are off to dive for the first time at Tulamben in 3 weeks. Just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on the water temps we can expect so I can decide on the right wetsuit for both of us. Cheers Dave
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