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    Canon S-80, Canon G9, Canon 1D mkIII
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    Ikelite and Canon
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    Ikelite DS-125, Inon D3000
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    Arms, aiming light, etc.
  1. Hi Alves, If you'd PM me with your email address, I'll send you some pics. Also, send me your address so I can check on shipping. Best regards, Don
  2. Hi, We bought this for a vacation to Cozumel the week before Thanksgiving....used it there for a week and for a handfull of pics thereafter. It includes all of the accessories that came in the box...and the box It looks and performs like brand new. BTW, RAW images on a camera like this are super usefull! The warranty cards remain blank, and I could furnish you with a copy of the sales receipt so that the warranty could be established in your name. I'll gladly send some pic to truely interested shoppers. $400.00 shipped to CONUS Paypal additional, unless it's a paypal eCheck ebay ID: Swampash01
  3. I haven't taken one because I just decided to sell it, and I've never even opened the box, and......we leave at 6am on Friday for a week in Cozumel. If you'd still like one, I can take one and send it to you when we return. BTW, my ebay ID is Swampash01, so you can get some idea of my online history.
  4. As the title says, this has never even been taken out of the box. I bought it this past spring as a present for my wife, and decided to go with the new Canon G9 + Ikelite housing instead. My loss is your gain: $145.00 + shipping CONUS only please. This picture is from a Helix ebay ad:
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