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  1. offthegrid

    Name change

    Can my user name be changed to offthegrid?
  2. Does it REALLY make THAT much of a difference vs. just using the limited manual settings that are built right into the strobe? I know there are a lot of pros on here, who have every piece of gear imaginable, more lenses than I've owned my entire life, etc. who are going to say, "YES! Full manual control for your strobes is necessary." But to keep things simple, couldn't you just use the few manual settings on the strobes themselves, while bracketing, and come up with the same results...or if not, damn close?
  3. Strange, I can't see anything in that tabbed area in the center. Even looked in ie, without logging in, and still don't see it.
  4. The about me section of my profile is missing. Also, when you click on any of the other tabs in that section, it's not displaying that data either.
  5. Awesome! Thanks. One step closer to letting that name die.
  6. How do you change your username? I'm letting the name grunzster die, and replacing it with a different name on all my online accounts.
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before, but nothing is showing up ion the search. Has anyone tried a 60D in a 40D housing? Will it fit...even if with minor mods?
  8. Other than facebook, to try to get exposure?
  9. Great condition, except for some wear on the cover. Make me an offer...plus shipping
  10. No. They were all small tasks that kind of added up, before I sent the first bill, and then all the BS and fun began. Also, since a friend used to work for him, I thought I could trust the guy.
  11. Well, I do still have all his passwords...even his fb and twitter. I should just lock him out of everything!
  12. He said I wouldn't be able to get legal fees because there was no contract. Or at least not very likely.
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