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  1. I have a very clean condition sb-104 if you're still interested.?
  2. Gates pd housing recently rebuilt, 4 inch monitor, swp35. PD-170 camera available also. takes stunning uw video, any questions please pm me. PD housing
  3. SB-105's $200 each, very nice SB-104 with rebuilt battery pack, $400 any questions please pm me. sb105's more sb105 sb104
  4. yes, the clamps and buoyancy arms are included, shipping to HK ? I don't see why not.
  5. diving in ca with 3 lights you could end up with 3 times the backscatter if you're not really careful.
  6. I'm betting plastic housing, if that's the material then no thanks.
  7. looks like the port does not rotate anymore and the outer ring locks the port in place. less chance of pinching a o-ring I'm guessing.
  8. awesome condition, everything shown + not shown 2 chargers and extra o-rings questions please email product page product page squid light album $2k + shipping + paypal
  9. sea&sea arm comes with 2 strobe ends $75 + shipping + paypal cheers
  10. Still hunting for D2X housing & ports, Subal, Aquatica on the short list.
  11. nice website and they have great prices on certain items, has anyone used them in the USA ?
  12. Looking for a clean used D2X Housing and or ports. drop me a mail
  13. Try west marine, they have all the cables, hoses, brass and SS clips and crimps to make it for you on the spot. bring some heat shrink with you and slide it on before the crimps.
  14. 2 sets of sea&sea strobe arms, aluminum construction all in good condition. also included are the dovetail mount for your housing or grips. paypal ok and free shipping in continental usa. will sell separately questions please ask $100 ea. pics http://picasaweb.google.com/unajeff/SeaSeaArms
  15. Has anyone been diving after a hurricane ? not the little ones but a cat 5 like mitch. I have and was shocked at the devastation caused by mother nature. so while I practice what I preach no touch diving, occasionally I have bumped something in current and probably have done harm. DD and his assistants may have inadvertently caused harm during these shoots only they know. if that did happen I would not be crazy about it but at the same time I know that mother nature can be far more cruel than even the worst divers. I hope the DD pictures will help young people think about the oceans and inspire to them towards a possible future in helping save them and it's marine inhabitants.
  16. USD and PAL don't work very well, how much for the housing alone ?
  17. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1258..._Dome_Port.html
  18. Housing, camera and dome port. all in very good like new condition. Located in the San Francisco Bay area. http://picasaweb.google.com/unajeff/AquaticaD80 sample gallery from this setup http://gallery.mac.com/kvalve#100023&b...k&view=grid
  19. lots of challenges with the 10.5mm lens and one strobe, shot a thousand frames just starting to process them. http://picasaweb.google.com/unajeff/Maui2007
  20. anyone paying for HDV footage ? I understand discovery channel and others will not accept HDV. if not thiswould be a very expensive hobby rig.
  21. looking for clean Gates PD housing and or HC1 housing.
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