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  1. Hi, can I get a link to this picture because actually it's from my report of the Golden Dolphin show in Moscow.
  2. When do You plan to introduce the Atomos Ninja II housing? I'd like to order one immediately!
  3. Hi Fred, Thanks's for sharing the info. I've tried to contact You via mail, but I received a message report that it couldn't be forwarded. I'll try it again. Mine is andrej@abelic.net. Andrej
  4. Can we see some pictures of Your modifications? Or are they to be found elsewhere?
  5. Again he's rushing in for Seacam. It's so typical
  6. Again he's rushing :-) I mean Paul Kay for Seacam...
  7. Actually what I found the most annoying thing on the D800/D4 is that Live View can only be accessed via the dedicated button and You have to differ between live view for video and for photo. I mean, there's a lot of multiple choices on AEL, AF-On, AF-On Vertical, Joystick selector, Function button, Preview button whatever for stuff that I don't need but the Live View function can not be programmed on any of these buttons. That's what really sucks!
  8. Subal is offering a function lever on D4 and D800
  9. Alex, I've to admit. This is the coolest wreck picture I've ever seen. HDR is the way of the future!
  10. Hi, here are some reviews of the lens: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/sigma-8-16mm-review http://www.kenrockwell.com/sigma/8-16mm.htm Here's one review in combination with Zen 230mm dome and 60 mm extension, should give acceptable results from 7.1 though personally I wouldn't go below 8 if I don't have to. I'm going to buy the lens for the d7000 in a Subal housing with a 230mm dome that I already have. Very nice, coated inside and outside (industries first): http://nauticamusa.com/?p=778
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