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  1. I've heard nothing but good things about both Retra and the Inon 330s. My only concern about Retra is that the company sort of when into hibernation for a year or two until their latest product release. I hope that they don't do something like that again. I've been shooting the 330's for a few years and am very happy. Very reliable and consistent, good battery life, very robust. Controls are easy to access and adjust. Plenty of power in the 330's.
  2. I have to shout out that I am really enjoying these regular Wetpixel Live videos! It's great content and I love the frequency that you are putting them out at! I am sure it takes a lot of work to prepare and keep a full list of content ideas. Keep up the amazing work. On this topic of maintenance, one thing that I'd like to see is the set of "Tools and Spares" you each bring with you on a trip. What redundant or replacement parts do you bring along? Cheers, Dave
  3. Start working on your upper body strength. Fellow D850/Nauticam user... My rig is about 25lbs out of water.
  4. That's still over $50 for a pair of cables. It makes a lot of sense to just buy 5 meters of 2mm fiber for less than $20 and be set for years. I reuse the connectors from my old, dead, branded cables and drill them out to install the new fiber with a drop of glue. If you want to be fancy you can also get connectors with little hex nut screws that make them plug and play. I like this approach because I have lots of spare fiber to use for replacement or repair. It's super reliable in my experience. The few times I've had a problem I just clip an inch off the end of the cable and re-attach. And if that doesn't work I have the spares.
  5. Electrical tape works great, sticks well and removes easily. Beside, you likely won't ever need to remove it!
  6. I've had the same strip of black electrical tape on my 105 for at least 10 years!
  7. I said 2mm. You can select from 1 - 5 mm. The person I replied to has Inon 240s. It will work just fine.
  8. Can you try something like this from Ebay? It says free world wide shipping. I use the fiber like this (2mm version) with my Nauticam trigger and Inon 330's. https://www.ebay.com/itm/5m-Black-Plastic-Pmma-End-Glow-Fiber-Optic-Cable-Light-Inner-Diameter-1mm-6mm/373009104276?hash=item56d9133d94:g:YIkAAOSw5BVehWPR
  9. I see. I am used to the Nauticam housing where you remove the original completely and put on the one. Not much room for error. I used Ikelite housings for many years but didn't get a 45degree until I moved to Nauticam.
  10. Phil, you mentioned proper placement for the viewfinders for best results. I am curious what you mean by that? How could it be placed incorrectly?
  11. I am a firm believer in limiting handling and stretching of o-rings as much as possible. Lube sliding o-rings only and avoid stretching them completely. Loose o-rings are a major cause of floods. I have the Inon-330's for about two years now. I dive almost every week one or more times. I almost never remove the o-ring from it's seat. I do very lightly lube them with every battery change. I wipe and lightly lube the inside of the battery caps as well. The only time I ever have removed the o-rings from the strobe body is after week long dive trips of 20-30 dives. Then I wipe out the groves and rinse of the o-rings in clean water. Same applies to my Nauticam port o-rings. The housing back o-ring is compression so I never lube the it at all as that will just attract grit, but wipe it with a microfiber before re-sealing.
  12. I learned a lot from Richard Salas, and his #1 mantra is "Long Arms". Having long reach means that you can get a strobe behind your subject and back or side light it easily for more dramatic effect. I pretty much use the same set up for both Macro and Wide angle, and the long arms have big advantages for both styles of shooting. My current setup is 16" + 12" + 8" on the left and 16" + 12" on the right.
  13. I've been using something like this for years now with both Inon and Ikelite (with optical trigger adapter) for years now. 2 or 3mm side/end glow cable. Available on Ebay for about $7 for 5 meters. It's tough, durable, easy to work with. The transparent sheath it's in make for an interesting look too, you can see the red led trigger glow though the cable if you look carefully. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2mm-3mm-Car-Home-12v-LED-Light-Lamp-Decoration-Side-Glow-Fiber-Optic-Cable-DIY/183502421631?hash=item2ab998be7f:g:IZcAAOSwHgRb0Vf3
  14. Shearwater is the buy it and never regret it choice. The best support, the most consistent firmware upgrades, the best features, the most reliable. If you are at all concerned about the price, buy one use on Scubaboard. You can find the Perdix consistently for 550-650 USD depending on AI support or not. You'll spend a few hundred more on the watch sized Teric. I have both and prefer the Perdix/Petrel units for their bigger screens.
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