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  1. Couple of thoughts: Probably don't travel with fully charged lithium ion batteries. Make sure an inspector does not try open your Sola. It's not (without tools) designed to be opened. I've heard of several Sola being damaged this way. Using the safe bag is a great idea. I just bought one of these myself.
  2. Save yourself some trouble and get comfortable using manual strobe power. TTL is more trouble than it's worth and will end up limiting your creative potential. It doesn't work well at all for wide angle, and your macro shots will be uniformly bright with less shadow and definition than you might achieve with manual control.
  3. Give the DIY approach a try. You can just buy 30 feet of 2 or 3mm end glow fiber optic cable on amazon or ebay for $20 and be set for years. There are a few threads on the board with details.
  4. Bite the bullet and get the MicroMesh. It will make the dome look like new again! It only looks scary, it's really pretty satisfying to see the results after the initial shock of the frosted dome on the first pass.
  5. Of course you can always put a label or two on the insides of your housing and ports. I try to label most of my dive gear with standard Dymo label tape. Camera and lenses too. Sometimes i'll apply a strip of Scotch clear tape on top for extra protection depending on the surface. Silver Sharpie for things that don't adhere to the label well.
  6. Let's recap and summarize. Q: How do I rescue my files from Lightroom when I don't want to pay Adobe any longer or have been locked out of my Account? A: Step 1) Install Lightroom free trial on a new PC (which was the OP's situation) Step 2) Import your old LR catalog and turn on XMP file generation Step 3) Uninstall the free Lightroom trial software Step 4) Install the totally free Adobe Bridge app (or Photoshop, etc) and open any file you every processed in Lightroom with edits intact thanks to the XMP sidecar files.
  7. I am detecting a little bit of internet hostility here. You present a problem you frustratingly can't solve on an internet forum. People start offering suggestions. You complain that the suggestions offered assume that you are a lowly amateur. (I am sure you are not) BTW, it is discussions like this that helped myself and many others to learn UWP and Post Processing. Just because you know a thing does not mean that others in the audience might learn something. Then you finally solve the problem by doing what absolutely should have been step #1 - Calling Adobe's 1-800 Support center. This is just poor form and etiquette. Don't go soliciting for assistance and then lash out at those who attempted to help. Nobody was rude to you are talked down to you. I am glad you were able to resolve your problems.
  8. No one should fear getting cut off from LR. The XMP sidecar files that can optionally be created for every single image in LR are imported by other apps and reflect your edits. Adobe Bridge (a Free image management and viewing tool) can read the XMP files to incorporate your LR edits to a RAW file for example. Bridge can then bluk convert/export to JPG, Tiff, etc as needed. So the idea that your LR files, edits, or catalog might be lost is exaggerated. There is a simple solution to alleviate this concern. https://photography.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-use-lightroom-edits-outside-of-lightroom--cms-21776
  9. For someone who is not a Lightroom user you sure know a lot about how you think people fail to use it effectively. Seriously if you don't export to jpg then why did you take the photos? If course everyone does that! And the images are not locked up if you can't buy the apps. Worst case you install the trial version and have a month to take care of business. Finally you can save xmp sidebars for every image and then Photoshop or other apps can read your edited Raw images.
  10. https://www.ikelite.com/blogs/faq/batteries-chargers-for-ds161-ds160-and-ds125-strobes Ikelite killed off these LiON battery packs and was running an exchange program for them for a while. Not sure if that's still available. You might want to see if you can get them replace by NiMH packs.
  11. Makes Zero difference. These cables transfer a ton of light. I think for the side glow you would need a constant source to have any visible effect. Also I think that due to the "On display" nature of the side glow cables they are more rubust and coated for durability.
  12. The cheap Amazon 3mm fiber is really robust. It does have a outer clear coating. Much better than official branded optical connectors on the market which get crimped and bent easily. I've had much longer life span with this in 2 years than I ever got with the real thing. As for spooling, I think it's OK for a few inches diameter. I have seen some people use hot water to spiral it up like a coiled cable so I guess it could go tighter if needed.
  13. Toslink is barely 1mm and some strobes seem to need more light to trigger. Sea&Sea seems to need a lot. The expensive multi-fiber or cheap 3mm example above works more reliably.
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