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  1. Thanks Jeff, don't work for me I got only one flash and not two as you write, I think it is firing to early so sync is not working good I think. I tried all strobe settings with the 8080 slow, slow2, intern+extern etc. DS 50 is always firing but can not see on any picture.
  2. It's Old but maybe some one nows the answer. Have a Ike 8080 housing with the 8080 camera and a DS50 substrobe with the proper (blue lable) cable. The strobe goes of when I take a picture but I think to early because you can not see the flash. I try 1/15-1/30-1/60-1/100-1/125-1/200 and so on but never see the flash on the picture.
  3. It surprise me that specially from Europe prices are doubled and tripled in 5 years maybe I'm stupid but the last housings F70/80 series from Subal cost about 1100. eu now you paid about 3200 eu for the D70/80 not only Subal but almost brands running crazy I think.
  4. Think also a plus point the LED's stays coler (temperature) above water compared with Hid and Halogene.
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