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  1. I have never shot macro but i am thinking of trying it out. I have a Sea Cam housing for my S2 pro with a fish eye doom port. Can i use a 50mm macro lens behind this dom port? Do i have to buy a flat macro port? What lenses do you all recomend? I want to shoot fish and stuff but i am not interested to much in the smallest bugs.
  2. BTW i found out how to get the exif info. Thanks...
  3. Thanks for your advice. I am using PS but i am not really good at it. I will have to get better on PS now that i am going digital i guess. Anyone know any good sites on internet to learn more?
  4. That is pretty impressive. Although the picture is jpg it looks very good to me. Definatley more pleasing then a 1600 film picture would be. I have played around with high ISO on land and have found the noise to be very low but higher in some situations with lots of shadows. Where do i find that exif info for the pictures? In finepix viewer i only get f stop and shutter speed. No info on ISO.
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and new to digital photography. I have been photographing film for many years with a housed SLR. 2 months ago i bought a Fuji S2 camera with no intention of using it UW. As i used it i realised it could have great potential UW. And then i found out Nikon makes a 12-24mm lens! So finally i can get true wide angle on digital. Now i have ordered a Sea Cam housing for the camera. I have a few questions to the forum. I have published quite a few UW photos in the past and i hope to continue doing so. Is digital pictures UW from an S2 (or similar such as D100 etc) accepted for publication by the leading magazines? Have you guys been successful in selling digital pictures to magazines? Is the resolution high enough for front pages and maybe even spreads? Is DSLR┬┤s so good now that i can calmly sell my film system? Question nr2. Will my Sea and Sea YS300 and Ikelite 200 strobe work in TTL with the S2? Question nr 3. I often take pictures very deep (trimix diving) with very limited available light. I also take photos inside caves. When using film i often use ISO 800 film to get some ambient light in the pictures. Will digital offer me advantages for this kind of photography? I have herd some reports that digital has a lot less noise then the grain on film at the same speed. Is this correct? Question nr 4. The Fuji has 12mpix interpolated. Is the 12mpix mode really giving more detail then 6 mpix? When comparing the same image converted to Tiff from RAW in both 6 and 12mpix i have really hard time seeing any difference at all. If sending an image to a magazine should i send it as a 12mpix interpolated file or a 6mipx none interpolated? The 12mpix introduces some artefacts right? Thanks in advance, Ingemar Lundgren P.S. Gretat website and forum BTW.
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