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  1. I have the following Sea & Sea Ports for Sale 1. Sea & Sea NX Flat Zoom Port" $300 OBO 2. Port Extention Ring 40 for Sea & Sea Housings (SS-56111) $250 OBO 3. Sea & Sea Fisheye Dome Port With Shade for Wide Angle Lenses ( SS-56401) $600 OBO Paypal accepted. contact ageffen@airmail.net Pictures Available
  2. Two brand new, unopened Hitachi Two (2) Gigabyte Micro-drives. $80 each plus shipping. SOLD
  3. I have a set of Sea & Sea SeaArm VI's that I no longer need. If anyone is interested please email me. B)
  4. Can't really speak to the port's not mounting correctly, but I have used Sea and Sea housings for a number of years and have always had to exert myself to remove the ports to clean them. Best solution I have every found is to get a couple of inexpensive strap wrenches, wedge the housing between your knees and wrap a strap around the port and it unlocks with no effort.
  5. Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP The Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer is a free “PowerToy†for Microsoft Windows XP that provides the ability to view, organize, and print photos captured in RAW image formats from supported digital cameras. Quick Info File Name: RAWViewerSetup.exe Download Size: 48920 KB Date Published: 6/14/2005 Version: 1.0 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  6. TTL Synch Cord, Ikelite to Nikonos – Delrin Condition 9 $55 Nikonos V Body Condition 8 $225 Nikon N90S Body Condition 9+ $200 MF 26 Databack Condition 6 $75 Nikon AF Micro 105mm f2.8 Condition 6 $225 Nikon AF Micro 105mm f2.8D Condition 9+ $450 Nikon 20mm f2.8D Condition 9+ $300 Nikon AF Micro 60mm f2.8D Condition 9+ $300 Nikon TC 201 Teleconverter Condition 9 $80 Nikon AF 28mm f2.8 Condition 9 $35 Tamron F AF Teleconverter 2X N-AFd BBAR MC7 Condition 9 $85 Sea Arm VI Set Condition 7+ $125 Subal Aperture Gear for Nikon Lens and Miniflex housing Condition 9+ $20 Nikon PK-11A Auto extension Ring Condition 9 $35 Photax Video ultra wide (weitwinkel) Macro Lens .6x 49mm +8 close-up adapter Condition 7+ $10 Will all be going to eBay next week. Email if you have an interest!
  7. Going through some extra stuff last night and I have one if you still need it. email at ageffen@airmail.net
  8. Thanks By the way, what do you mean by "if your housing is wired to disconnect a flooded bulkhead?"
  9. Is the concensus here when using multiple strobes, to cord only one and use the balance in slave mode or to use multiple cords or a dual synch cord. Also if using dual strobes, is it better to have multiple bulkheads or a dual cord?
  10. There is some sort of "action" (whatever that is) for Photoshop CD on Adobe Exchange that is suppose to help correct underwater photographs. Anybody ever used that?
  11. Measure the diameter of the port. Contact Woody at www.nexusamerica.com
  12. If anybody has any interest in any of htis stuff, let me know. Monday, whatever is left is going to eBay. Finally made the move to Digital, Following Gear for sale: 1. Ikelite Digital Light Meter with ULCS ball - $125 SOLD 2. Four Ikelite 100A Strobes - $85 each 3. Four Ikelite NiCad Battery Packs for 100A - $40 each 4. Two Ikelite Smart Chargers - $75 each 5. Nikonos V Body - $275 6. Nikonos 15 mm lens (new Style) - $875 SOLD 7. Nikonos 15 mm viewfinder - $125 SOLD 8. Ikelite Dual Synch – Nike to two Ike strobes (Delrin on Nike End) - $100 9. Three Single Synch Cords – Nike Delrin to Ikelite - $45 each 10. Sea and Sea N90 Housing only - $275 11. Sea and Sea Fisheye Dome Port with shade - $350 12. N90S Body - $210 13. MF-26 Data back for N90S - $65 14. MF-21 Databack for 8008S - $20 SOLD 15. Aquatica Neoprene Dome Port Cover - $15 16. Backscatter Neoprene Dome Port Cover $30 17. ULCS Flip Tray for Nikonos V with Quick Disconnect Handle $150 18. Subal Aperture Gear for Nikon Lenses - $20 pictures available
  13. Tell me some more about it. What's included for $1800? you can email me at ageffen@airmail.net
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