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  1. Why not try the Sola 2000s they gives you a lot more lumens and the size is no difference from the 800/1200. I have just ordered Sola 4000s after trying 800 and 2000 but they are big, a lot heavier and mainly for a couple of wider jobs.
  2. Nice work Panda You can also get the Fibre from Cable Chick it's acrylic fibre the same type as inon use.
  3. Hi Adam, Thanks for the info i'll look into it. If you've got any pictures of the set up could you PM me or post them on here? Thank you for the interest
  4. Ok mate. I understand i wouldn't trust Mick with mine as the last one i gave him he flooded.
  5. Gudge You won't mind if i throw yours down a 40m hole and see if it will trigger will you?
  6. You beat me to it Gudge. I'll miss you i'm afraid when your down here in a week or so. Bring that s2000 with you and get Mick in te river to test it
  7. But i was talking to Carey and he thinks the s2000 which i don't think has a focus light is supper sensitive. I've got 20m of fibre optic cable coming tomorrow night to do some other tests
  8. I had a similar problem a week ago on a fairly deep dive luckily i have both my 220s hard wired .After putting my brain into gear i changed the faulty one to slave whilst still on the dive. After i got out and back to camp i removed the cable cleaned all the contacts and and now it seems ok. I will know on this fridays dive if it was just a bad connection. I would agree the problem almost certainly will be the cable. I have got 4 of the Inons and have used them most weeks for many years, my opinion is they are bullet proof. Touch wood!
  9. I thought i would consult the wetpixel Oracle as my Japanese is about as good as my Aussie. Does anybody know if the Inon Z240 type 4 (i think it is now) uses the same ultra sensitive slave sensor as the relativeley new Inon s2000.
  10. looks like back to the drawing board for slave strobes in caves. Thanks for the feedback. p.s. I've sent you a pm as idon't know if your in the Uk at the moment?
  11. I am looking to use it in total blackness but it's a lot of money if it's not much better than a Subtronic slave sensor?
  12. I am looking for either the connectors or made up cable for extending an Inon 220 to Subal ND30 flash cable. I am look to put a heinrichs weikamp RSU on the end of a 5m strobe cable so e.g the strobe can put down a hole but the sensor is visible. This for use in Cave Diving situations. Not very well explained but hopefully you get the idea? would appreciate some help
  13. I tried the plant water spray bottle, cut and put on the end of a Z220 but like you found it diificult. You definateley need a focus light working on the strobe for aiming. Nice image though!
  14. Kenko 1.5x see www.amustard.com/?page=pro&ext=pp_nemo&subpage=news&size=s
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