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  1. I am thinking of getting a video rig, but never shooting it before, well not much am unsure what to get. I want something a little advanced as I grow out of things quick. I am looking for a something new'ish (just came out) with a good housing. Does anyone have any advice on when to look for and WHY, links to those would be great. Thanks
  2. A close up of Sergent Major eggs from Grand Cayman. You see the eggs being guarded but this is what you see, very close up. A weired looking thing I have taken a photo of before but not sure exactly what it is, again very small. And a first for me, a Basket Star Shrimp, I plan on getting some really nice shots of this guy in the future. All the above were taken with a 105MM and + 3 Close up.
  3. One thing that will make it not so sharp is if you have your shutter speed to low, hard to say for you but when I shoot with a 105MM most of the time I am using 1/200th or faster. Also a very steady hand, sound obvious but true, I usually take the shot the split second the focus locks to avoid as much hand movement as I can and then take several shots, or more, you can then pick the sharpest of them all.
  4. I did try a new battery and it did not flood, there was no water in it, now nearly 30 hours and still it flashes.
  5. Its been 30 hours now and I really need to use it but don't want to without the alarm, it saved me a couple of times. I'll just have to wait. thanks
  6. I have searched the forum and read the info on the subal leak alarm staying on and not going off. Mine came on yesterday for no reason, no moisture no water in the housing but it came on and will not go off. I have tried everything, even dried the contacts with a hairdryer, even though it did not need it. Took the battery out, tried a new one. Nothing will stop it flashing. I suppose I will have to send it away, but now is not a good time for that, anyone have any more ideas? thanks
  7. I can tell you this, I use a T3 quite a lot when I shoot macro and have a T5 to, but the depth of field is so small with a T5 that it is very very difficult to use.
  8. I went out with the DOE one day when they were going to get one out, just about got 3 photos before the spear shot past my head!
  9. More like he got beat with an ugly stick..
  10. Saw this today, Grand Cayman. About 2-3ft long. Looks very much like a Mutton Snapper, but check out that face!! never seen one like this before, anyone know what it is? cant find it in the book.
  11. Yes thanks both, it was the camera on manual on the side, C,S,M it was M, thanks works again:)
  12. It's in auto and does it on other lenses, I thought I read once how to reset it but cant remember how.
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