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    All things Scuba related from Vintage to Rebreathers. I enjoy teaching Scuba with LA County and assisting GLACD, no pay, it's all volunteer work so that doesn't help my U/W photography obsession.<br />Check out some of the great work we do here:<br />http://www.lascuba.com<br /> If you're going to dive in So Cal I highly recommend you take a free class we provide once a month for 6 months April - Oct, called 3R's (Rocks, Rips & Reefs)

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    United States
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    Nikon D300, D80, Sea & Sea DX-8000G
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    Ikelite, Sea & Sea
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    DS-125, Sea & Sea YS-25Auto
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    Ikelite, Sea & Sea,
  1. Want to buy: Ikelite 4103.52 dual sync cord, blue band, ikelite to ikelite, TTL Mine is shorting out, I believe this problem is fixed with the newer ones, 2008 onwards. Interesting posts about DIY repairing them.
  2. I just upgraded from my Nikon D300 and now I'd like a complete Ikelite setup for a Nikon D7000 Needed: Ikelite 8" dome port with shade & neoprene cover and 5510.11 port extension Ikelite 6801.70 Underwater Housing Walt PM or email: bchlvr247@yahoo.com
  3. Is this still available and what's the current price?
  4. I do have an small interest in this port #5503.50 ... 4.1” (10.4cm) 9/10 What's your price to make it more interesting?
  5. I'd like to buy a Ikelite flat port 5502.41 with neoprene cover for my 60mm lens, I'm currently using my 105MM port, it seem to work fine until I adjust my strobes inwards and catch reflective light coming in through the clear sides of the port. Walt Conklin bchlvr247@yahoo.com
  6. I'm interested in: Ports 5502 3.5" $60.00 close up lens 62mm to fit my Nikon 60mm if still available.
  7. I'm looking for an Ikelite #5502.41 Flat port for a 60MM Nikon Is yours compatible?
  8. I will also take the following: 1 DS125 with NiMH battery back 1 Ikelite smart charger I will send you a PM. Thanks.
  9. Did you sell these items to John? I'm in the market for a pair of 125's, If not email/PM me (anybody else selling one or a pair?) Walt
  10. Hi Marta, Last time I dove with you you were using a Nikonos, So since we're both looking for digital accessories please forward what you have gleemed on a Nikon 105mm lens or perhaps a Tokina 10-17mm. Happy Holidays! Walt
  11. I'm interested in a pair of DS-125's but willing to buy 'em 1 at a time. Is this the 1 1/4" balls on the arms? Please email me directly or PM Walt ps if anybody else is sellinga DS-125 or 200 please contact me. Happy Holidays
  12. I'm interested in the 105MM, PM sent. Walt
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