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  1. I've got the Stylus (known as the Mju here in GB), I was able to get the camera, PT-016 housing, extra battery and card for just over £300. It'll get used 47 weeks of the year on dry land, where it excels, and underwater it provides pretty good bang for buck in my opinion, in a pretty small package. I added a UR-Pro colour filter and I have been very impressed with the cameras capabilites so far.
  2. What about here or here maybe these are more to your liking.. Let me know what you think Dave
  3. Hi Doug I have the PT-016 housing and bought a UR-Pro CY filter for a recent trip to Dahab. You need to 46mm to fit this housing see www.camerasunderwater.com or www.oceanoptics.com for info. Cheers Dave
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