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  1. Hi derway. This is not an option I had even considered. It certainly does look very interesting - although I'm not sure I'd "push" a 45m rated housing to 60m with an £1,100 camera inside it :-) Tim The OM-D EM-5 has definitely generated more "lust" than the PEN EPL-3 :-)
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I hadn't read any reviews, but have now. This does look like a serious contender! More headache :-) Hi Phil. Thanks for the response. I have been "informed" that the Sea&Sea sTTL is unreliable with the Oly - how are you finding it? Tim Very interesting - thank you.
  3. I currently use a Canon G10 in an Ikelite housing with a single DS-125 strobe. I have the WD-4 wide angle adapter (which I’m not very impressed with) and the M67 adapter and Inon UCL-330 and UCL-165 macro lenses (which I am impressed with). I use the camera year-round mainly in UK waters, with occasional trips abroad. I like the flexibility the wet-lenses provide, and the fact I can operate the Ikelite housing and strobe with gloves that cold water diving requires. I get good macro and close-up results, less good wide angle results. I am looking to upgrade my set-up. My “requirements” are: • Improved image quality • Improved low light capability • Dual strobes for more even lighting • Better wide angle capability • Equivalent or better macro capability Short of a DSLR, I had been considering the following two options, with what I consider to be the pros and cons. Olympus PEN-EPL3 in Olympus with dual Sea&Sea YS-01 and an Inon UWL-H100 Pros: Underwater flexibility; compatibility with the Inon UCL-330 and UCL-165 macro lenses; price (my estimate ~£2.5K inc. strobes) Cons: Use with gloves; sensor size (micro 4/3); 40m limit; lack of eTTL Sony NEX-5N in e.g. Nauticam with dual Sea&Sea YS-01 Pros: Sensor size (APS-C); camera capability; flexibility for choice prior to diving Cons: Lack of underwater flexibility (i.e. stuck with lens chosen prior to dive); lack of eTTL; price (my estimate >£3.5K inc. strobes) (The Panasonic GX1 & Nauticam NA-GX1 is another option, but I have done little research into this) I’m pretty sure that I have decided on dual Inon S2000s, which I think are compatible with each option, but I do have a concern over my ability to use these with 3mm gloves on. Does anyone have any thoughts or opinions on which I should choose? Thanks in advance. Tim Nicholson
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