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  1. Hi photographers, I'd like to let you all know about a new photography site I have created specially for underwater photographers. http://www.oceandiscover.com It allows the photographer to create pinboards to showcase their photos, share photos via social networks, leave comments for other photographers on any photo, and pin any photo they like from other pinboards or websites onto your pinboards. Please enjoy the site, it's a visual feast of underwater photography! Cheers, Graham
  2. This pipefish is of the genus Halicampus
  3. I just acquired the Nikon 17-35mm lens, and I'll be using a +2 diopter for it. Which company should I look at for diopters and what size, is it bigger than 62s? Thanks, Graham
  4. I have dived many times in the cool waters near and south of Sydney, and have always seen weedy seadragons on each dive. In South Australia, I have seen many leafy seadragons, particularly near Adeleide. I love these fish for their grace and beauty, and they make for great photography subjects. I've attached a few photos I took this year. - Graham
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