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  1. Thanks all for comments/critique... wagsy - A neat little rig in the back of the Suzuki Samurai. Tripod fully splayed and tied off so it was rock solid (no pics sorry). Camera was bagged, unfortunately I had no optical flat filter so had to risk the WA lens being scratched, but it was kind of in the lee. nic - haha that sea horse was as big as your fist and bright orange! Uploaded QT H.264 @ 800Mbps. Probably looks a little too saturated (duly noted) cos I was heavy handed in Color, but still within broadcast safe IRE levels. jonny - youtube quality a shame indeed, but thats where the people look. (The DVD looks great ) Looking at better quality video hosting atm. Perhaps I can get away with a larger source file. drew - I hate those mundane airport arrival / assembly of equipment sequences, but will look for an interesting "establishing" alternative in the future. Agreed - three cuts to the the driving shot is too much (although you do spend a lot of time driving on Bonaire).The wreck WS is NG when compressed, pity cos it looks great at full res. Next time I will put the credits at the end rather than the scroll. What do people think of leaving a 5-10 second freeze frame at the end of the video? Happy shooting everyone!!!
  2. Yes, I realise it is too quick, but trying to make it as unobtrusive as possible - while being there theoretically there (if you want to freeze frame for reference). Still working on that one. Was originally cut to nicer music, but couldn't get rights so had to use royalty free which drastically reduces the quality... Thanks for the comment PerroneFord, and good luck with the grading!
  3. Hi guys, Love to hear your thoughts on my first underwater video: shot on Canon XH-G1, Equinox Pro 10 housing, edited on FCP and graded in Apple Color. I've only got it on YouTube at the moment, so please forgive the compression quality. It was filmed in Bonaire, and is intended as a travelogue so there is some above ground stuff too. Ben
  4. Drew, Thanks for your advice. Both of these monitor look great, and for what you get I think each offer great value for money. The 24inch screen is a little large for traveling (especially bearing in mind how much luggage I already carry) but this is a payoff for being able to view the image at full raster. My main motivation at the current time is as a monitor upon which to gauge post colour grading, so perhaps I will forgo size limitations... Cheers, Ben
  5. I think you're PC aren't you wagsy? I am running FCStudio on a MacBook Pro. So don't know if I can use MPEG Capture...
  6. I probably wont require the durability of a professional field monitor, I would be watching footage in the hotel room in the evening, but at the moment I need it in the office as a second computer monitor. Thanks for your ideas.
  7. Wags, field monitor looks good, but probably looking at cheaper options. Drew, any ideas for under $1000
  8. Hoping some one can give me some advice about which monitor to buy to evaluate my footage while on the road. I have a Canon HX G1, so would ideally like to use the HD SDI, but could also use the component output. Ideally the monitor would serve as a second NLE monitor as well. THanks for your ideas.
  9. Billy, I have the Pro 10 - it is a little larger than the 8, but the first thing I wanted to do when I saw it was upgrade the monitor, and I really like your countersunk setup. Critical focus is the main reason for the new monitor. What was the cost of the upgrade? Oh, and have you re-tested the rig? Cheers, Ben
  10. Hey Empty V, Just curious... are you interested in making another modified backing? It looks great!
  11. I read many of comments on adding floatation to housing rigs. Is this the preference? I am finding that I need to add weight, not add buoyancy.
  12. I am finding the sinkers really handy as I move things around on my rig. Glad to know I'm not the only diver stocking up on fishing sinkers. The guy at the tackle shop wondered "what fish I was going to catch?"
  13. I have been using fishing sinkers to make small modifications to the buoyancy of my rig, during the dive. It seems to be a trial and error process, because what works in the dunk tank doesn't necessarily transfer to the deep. Is there any golden rules to mastering buoyancy?
  14. jonny et al, Very interesting reading. I have just purchased an XH-G1, with Equinox housing. Would love to upgrade to the Gates, but frankly out of my price range at this stage. Questions to follow.
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