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  1. I need 1 or 2 fresh bags of silica gel per dive, I guess that means I should not reuse them unless I somehow dry them (or can I use them several times?). Problem is, I don't know how to dry them.. Alternatively I could buy new ones, but at the local photo-store, they almost laughed at me when I asked for that... I have no idea where I'll be able to get them. I am going to egypt on monday, to sharm-el sheik, I guess some of you might have been there, will I be able to get any there? if yes, an address or something would be very much appreciated. so, in short: * can I reuse the bags, or are they full of moist after one dive * how to dry them * where to get them (anywhere, or in sharm el sheik) thanks in advance! -Sølve Slettebak
  2. if there's no such things in the O-ring when I close the housing, it shouldnt be a problem, should it? I'm always make sure there are no such things on it when I close it.. thanks for the advice!
  3. I'm going to take some photos of diving students who are diving in a pool. The water there contains chlorine (i think thats the correct english word). Can that damage the housing somehow? best regards Sølve Slettebak
  4. Hey.. another question, thought I'd post it in the same thread... That little bag that removes air-moisture, how often should I replace that?
  5. Allright, thanks alot for the help, specially to you marscuba. I'll print and read that manual now. I already tested that the house is completely waterproof on a dive, so I'll test with camera on monday. Can barely wait...
  6. Well, i recently got the pt-005 for my olympus c-4000 .. that house is originally not designed for the c-4000, but it fits perfectly anyway.. Is there any problem with that, that I should know about? I'm also wondering a bit about maintnance of the housing, about silicon to put on o-rings etc. Is it only the main o-ring that I should grease, or every single one to each button? I'm not sure if I can get to them at all.. Can you recommend some external flash, as cheap as possible? I looked at some, costing 700-800$, which is way over my budget. Any other things that I should know? even the most basic things is probably of good use to me.. the manual for the housing is in japaneese, so I cant get much from it:) thanks in advance!
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