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  1. Howdy, Thanks a lot for the information. I was wondering how you attached the strobe since INON did not release a fiber attach thingy yet. I sent them an email asking, but as usual, no response. I have been investigating and since the G9 has a strobe hotshoe on top, I might sell my D2000 and get an Ikelite case and strobes instead which should be the "cleaner" option. How do you avoid backscatter? Do you cover up the built-in strobe? Thanks & a good Sunday, Helmut.
  2. Hello! I have been using a D2000 strobe with my old Nikon CoolPix 5200 and would like to upgrade to a Canon G9. The problem I see is that INON does not seen to support that camera/case yet. Any suggestions on how to hook the INON D2000 strobe with TTL support (no manual, no comments...) to the G9? A user named 'Wetpants' seems to have been able to do this, but I am unable to send him a message. Which case should be used? Should I use the Canon UW case, or an IKELITE case? Thanks for the information to a newposter (and hopefully future active member), helmut.
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