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  1. I am also looking for the same items Anyone else willing to sell? THANKS
  2. I´ve also had your "funny thought" many times as well, and in fact, I know some stores are already offering this service with an additional insurance cost. If I can´t find a housing and ports by the time I head off back to the Red Sea in august, I may consider using this option. However, I´m not sure the mailing back and forth would work .... risky due to handling and taking forever with the actual mail service, or even worse, getting lost. Only 20 days out of the year?
  3. Thank you rtrski! I considered that option .... but I was hoping to find a used one and save some $. Still looking.
  4. Looking for Ikelite housing for my Oly E-330 (plus ports + 125DS strobe in the very near future ). Payment through paypal and shipping would be to a good friend of mine who lives in the US (VA). ¿Any still available? Thanks !!
  5. I am also interested !! Is strobe, batteries and charger available? Sync cord? Please email me : itziaroc@gmail.com THANKS !!
  6. Thanks to Marc Verhey. A pleasure to deal with.
  7. Thanks everyone! I purchased a 5060 as I can use my Oly 027 housing but I am still looking for a 7070. I´m not sure how much the 7070 is nowadays and if shipping would be included.....can anybody tell me if interested? Some of you don´t show location so that I can estimate shipping.....
  8. I´m looking for the Olympus C-7070 camera only (preferred) or same camera with Ikelite housing. If anyone has the C-5060 with either Olympus or Ikelite Housing, might be also interested!!. My email: itziaroc@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. Hi Greg, I´m looking for camera only or camera+housing. Would you sell them separate? or Price for both items? Would you ship to a US Address? THANKS!
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