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  1. Yes i think you are right Jeff! My friend (and fellow diver) told me the same thing tonight. I never used a Canon setup underwater so when i reviewed the "user manual" i came across the weights and that is what made me start my "quest" for them. Thanks for your answer Jeff !
  2. Hi all, Just bought an Canon A720IS and a WP-DC16 underwater housing in Bangkok (Pantip plaza) Got a nice deal € 235 (US$ 360) for this set but i couldn't buy the optional weights here. Actually i couldn't buy them anywhere in the big center's so who of you knows where i can buy these weights. Leaving for Koh Tao on Tuesday and i like to use the camera "normally" Thank you !! Michael
  3. Hi Drew, I've read the video lights primer but there is quite some information in there , i'll read it again maybe this time i understand it a little bit better. About the dives, they will be "normal" dives you know, some coral, fish a diver that stuff. Most of the time i will not be going deeper then 20 ~ 25 meter and at widest about 80 degree. Based on your answer i think there is no standard setup for underwater video. In fact the environment can change so rapidly (from wide to macro) that you need various light type's. At least that is how i interpret the answer you given me. So what about a single 200W HMI (or dual 50W HID) for wide shots and fill light at shallow depths Combined with a "spotlight" to light out an oncoming diver that is +2M/6FT away. This spotlight can also be used as an light for macro shots if the "main" light is switched off. Do i make sense or is it better to steer away from the underwater lights for a little while longer Thanks for your answer Drew!
  4. Hi guys, Currently i am looking for some video lights but i am blinded by the options i have B) There are 10W dual HID's to 200W HMI lights available and everything in between. And then there is the LED system based on the latest generation of power LED's. So it made me wonder how much light we need for filming a dive within recreational limits (40M/130FT) on an average day. The goal is to get a good picture quality and marine life without sunglasses (or no marine life at all). If a based my overview on wrong facts, please let me know and i will correct this. # of lumens for your Dollar This is based on specs i could find on various websites or to use the maximum number of lumens per watt WITHOUT an reflector, some products are from overseas so i converted straight to the dollar (i didn't calculate any tax or import duties whatsoever). For the maximum number of lumens per watt see the sources section. Remember this overview is only to get an idea not as an official overview. 4.05 lumen / $ -- 15000+ lumen Heliumnizer 200W HMI @ $ 3700,- (guesstimate on DIY part prices) 2.90 lumen / $ -- 8000 lumen (2x 4000) Seastar (50W HID) @ $ 2750,- 2.37 lumen / $ -- 5600 lumen (2x 2800) Seastar (35W HID) @ $ 2360,- 2.30 lumen / $ -- 15000+ lumen Halcyon Apollo 200W HMI @ $6500,- (old halcyon price) 1.20 lumen / $ -- 2900 lumen (2x 1450) Professional Video Light (24W HID)@ $2400,- 1.05 lumen / $ -- 4000 lumen (2x 2000) Sunray 2000 (LED) @ $ 3799,- 0.76 lumen / $ -- 2600 lumen (2x 1300) Sunray Pro (21W HID)@ $ 1899,- 0.40 lumen / $ -- 2000 lumen (2x 1000) Sunray 1000 (LED) @ $2499,- Sources HID has about 60 lumens per watt HMI 85-108 lumens per watt LED up to 131 lumens per watt Thank you !! Michael
  5. Good news for me Pakman, because with the SWP25 i couldn't stay in my budget. And what do you think of the wide angle capabilities of the WP25, is it wide enough ?
  6. Thanks guys ! The SWP25 sounds really great but i have to think it over... (convince my wife ) Now i know what you mean Simon
  7. Can the SWP25 be used as a day to day port (because i don't have a lot of money left for multiple ports) ?
  8. Hi all, After absorbing a lot of information from this great forum i changed my mind. The setup i have in mind now : Sony HC7 ($ 1500,-) Gates HC7 Housing ($ 2930,-) + flatport ($ 150,-) Macbook Pro 2.2GHz - 4GB - eSATA 7200 disk(s) ($ 3000,-) Final Cut Studio 2 ($ 1700,-) Total : $ 9.200,- Sony HC7 ($ 1500,-) Gates HC7 Housing ($ 2930,-) + GP25a ($ 700,-) Macbook Pro 2.2GHz - 4GB - eSATA 7200 disk(s) ($ 3000,-) Final Cut Studio 2 ($ 1700,-) Total : $ 9.800,- Sony HC7 ($ 1500,-) Gates HC7 Housing ($ 2930,-) + WP25 Fathom ($ 1200,-) Macbook Pro 2.2GHz - 4GB - eSATA 7200 disk(s) ($ 3000,-) Final Cut Studio 2 ($ 1700,-) Total : $ 10.300,- If you don't count the Macbook Pro and FCS2 then the setup cost about $ 5.000,- (i stayed in my budget ) What do you think of the prices (Holland) are the prices better in Thailand (or Singapore) ? And most importantly what do you think of this setup ? Thanks guys !
  9. Thanks for your reply Aqua Luminous ! The HV20 sounds really good, is it possible to post some footage ? Then i can decide if the extra $ 3500,- are worth it (for me). So for depths to 45/50ft the HV20 can be used. Can you go deeper with an FX1/7 or XHA1 and get good results? What about Equinox housings for the HV20. It looks possible to use an inhouse wide angle lens. Equinox housings don't have the WB control for the HV20.
  10. Good point Hawkfish ! The FX series are quite bulky... Altough i won't travel really much this is a good point for me when it comes to topside shooting. For now my favorite is the FX7 with as a close second the HV20 (because of the price and size) To bad i can't find any underwater HV20 footage, this could make it a lot easier.
  11. I found some footage of an FX7 underwater and this is what i like to achieve B) To bad i don't know at what depth this was shot and if it was with or without lights. Now i will try to find some HV20 (underwater) footage so i can compare. I didn't mean to start riot over the Windows vs. Apple thing ! This won't happen again i promise !
  12. I don't know for sure but i think the Ikelite housing has MWB : Ikelite housing for HV20 So the HV20 gives a lot of bang for the buck according to you Drew? What happens with the HV20 when you go below 15m (45ft) without lights? Is it better to use the FX1/7 (or XHA1) for this kind of shooting? Or is the FX1/7, XHA1 a "futureproof" option for a beginner. To bad there isn't a lot of HV20 (underwater) footage available. Difficult, difficult... HV20 package for about $ 2500,- or the (FX1/7, XHA1) for an $ 6000,- Given the fact i never shot video (only still's) underwater the HV20 package is an good option. But what if get hooked to underwater shooting that the FX1/7, XHA1 would be an better option (this goes the other way arround too !) btw what system to use for editing ? Mac or Windows Thanks all for your detailed answers ! Now i can spend my money wisely
  13. Thanks for your detailed explanation SimonSpear !, this really is a big help. I will take a look at the three suggested setups you gave me. The FX1 and FX7 sounds really good except for the WA lens So maybe i just have to go for the HC7 setup (2 lux according to the Sony specs). I think i have to watch some footage of the various cams and then decide. Thanks for your help !
  14. Thanks for your reply Drew. I have about $5000,- to spend for an complete setup. However this budget has some stretch if this buys me some nice extra's. I tought i needed to have decent lightning to get "IMAX" colors, that is why i mentioned it. My maximum depth will be about 30m (90ft) in tropical waters. So maybe i can buy a HV20, Ikelite housing and some nice lights for my budget. Or i buy an triple CCD cam without lights (or less powerfull lights) (nice colors?). I leave this up to you experts (you all). Thanks ! Michael
  15. Hi everybody, Next month i will be moving to Thailand and i will be doing a lot more diving then i am doing now. It would be nice to send my family an dvd of my underwater adventures from time to time. So currently i am looking for nice setup that gives me a lot of bang for the buck. On camcorderinfo there is a review of the Canon HV20 which scored quite nice, altough i don't know how this cam will do underwater. Things i like to see in "my" setup. Posibility for an wideangle look. Posibility to grow along with my (i hope) developing skills. Colors like it could be from IMAX / National Geographic. So what setup would hit the economic sweetspot ? Thanks for your time ! If there are any questions please let me know. Thank you, Michael
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