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  1. Thanks Chris, i got an aquatica 5d mk2 housing because i wanted the vaccuum kit and parts from it but guess i get it running with camera inside. Question is if any of the marks is same geometry and buttons and measurements like the mk2?
  2. Hello Canon experts. The camera bodies look very much the same so would it be possible to use my Mk2 housing for a mk3 4 or 5 body? I have no clue if the buttons dials and all are completely different positioned. Thanks in advance, Fredrik.
  3. Hello Dan. Is the housing 200 USD? I like to buy the Aquatica Mini Macro Port - $200 Thanks in advance. /Fredrik
  4. Want to buy: 20059 Aqua View 45 18407 9,25" Dome port 18430 Mini Macro port 19355 Single Flip Holder for Mini Macro port 19356 Double Flip Holder for Mini Macro port 48454 Port Extension Ring (3,8") Also housing for Nikon D90 D700 D810 or D850 of interrest. Thanks in advance.
  5. I will do the same then and get the vacuum and leak detector from Aquatica and valve and pump from Vivid.
  6. Love to buy the 18430 mini macro port and Leak Sentinel V4.
  7. Please Contact me id Micro macro port still available with the extension ring.
  8. Like to buy the Micro macro port 18430 and 48453
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