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  1. Problem with non flashin or non SOS was short cable to the flash tube and therefore bad contact. The flash is ok now except that the chargin never shows fully charged. Is this led that goes on when fully charged a function in the IC 555 ?
  2. I am still looking after buying a joker from Italy selling a empty of electronics Mega Color. I want to buy a Subtronic Mega Color with working or not working battery, as long as function is OK.
  3. I bought this and paied on 23rd February and should be sent on 28th february from Italy to me in Sweden. If it was sent on 28th this is day 17 and still no tracking number or reply from Mr Maurizio Longhitano. Last reply was after i made PAYPAL payment then communication is dead and i emailed many times asking for progress or tracking and if packet was sent or not. Maurizio please contact me with status for this deal. Sincerely, Fredrik.
  4. Anyone who can give some advice of settings to use with camera to start using doubble trobes in manual with DSLR. I think of mostly used ISO, shutterspeed, Aperture and then strobe manual power (full to 1/64) and ofcourse about what distance.
  5. Want to buy a Subtronic Mega Color flash. With good or bad battery dies not matter as long as it works. /Fredrik
  6. Now another SF3000 question. I have a Subtronic SF3000 that i replaced the batteries on. The charging circuit always shows that the battery is full with the led on the back lit up. Also the SOS flashing or when triggering the flash there is only a very weak flash. Any ideas what i should look at?
  7. I love to buy your Aquatica D700 for sure, contact me astlid at bredband dot net
  8. Lookin for Aquatica: AD700 Nikon D700 Housing (preferably doubble Bulkheads) or AD90 Nikon D90 Housing (preferably doubble Bulkheads) Port extension 18453 (28,5mm) and Port extension 18454 (97,5mm) I will use Nikon 60mm and 105mm 2.8 Macro. Nikon Micro 200mm lens also of interrest. (I already have the manual flatport and 8 inch dome). 9.25 inch dome also of interrest.
  9. I am looking for an Aquatica D700 housing if someone has a working one for sale. Also other makes like Subal of interest. Sincerely, Fredrik.
  10. I would love to buy AQUATICA housing and parts for nikon D700: Ports with Bayonet fitting: Macroport for 60mm 105mm. Dome for 16mm 20mm.
  11. I am now using Auqatica80 and Nikon 801S with dual Subtronic SF3000 Pro. I like the new Nikon D3 camera with full sensor that is 36mm wide. Will I be able to use old Subtronic SF3000 flashes for photography with digital Nikons new digital cameras. If not what housing and what flashes do you recommend that work well for both macro and Wideangle together with dual strobe working with iTTL? Thanks for any help.
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