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  1. Hi Alex, I had a similar problem years ago with my Nikon 35mm/f2 lens where it would occasionally overexpose a shot a by a couple stops--turns out the aperture was sticky. sometimes oils leak out and get on the blades making the diaphragm fail to fully stop down to the correct aperture. a simple servicing fixed it although I had to do it twice b/c the first repair shop did a poor job. cheers Kyle
  2. Hey Jean, I seem to recall hearing that Aquatica was going to work on a D3 conversion for the D2X housings--is that a myth or reality? would it even fit?
  3. Hi Jean, if you're able to retrofit the D2x housing would it still be usable for that camera or only the D3? Also do you need the new megadone for the 14-24mm or will the older 8" dome work? thanks Kyle
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