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  1. I have lost a few buttons of my sea and sea DX-D100 and cant seem to find any anywhere.Does any other buttons fit this housing and if so where can i get a few.I am missing the enter button and the delete button. Any help would be great.I live in the UK
  2. I have for sale a DX-D100 housing by Sea and Sea and a NX compact dome for sale. Both in excellent condition. £450 ono Also YS-120 strobe in excellent conition with sync cable.Never flooded and done about 40 dives. Comes with sea and sea mark VI adjustable arm ,Looking for £200 ono. OPEN TO OFFERS on all kit.
  4. I have forsale a full sea and sea underwater setup all ready to dive with. 1. Sea and sea DX-D100 Housing 2. Nikon D100 camera 3. Flat port 4. Compact dome 5. 40mm extension ring 6. Ys-120 strobe and sync cable. 7. Red filter for Flat port. 8. Compact dome protective cover 9. Nikon 18-55mm lense 10. Gear for nikon lense 11. sea and sea strobe arm. All kit is in good working order and used on a few dive in Eygpt in Feb this year. Looking for around £1200 ono. Might split the kit up but not just for one item. also have a brand new nikon 60mm macro lense only used about 6 times,Looking for £180 ono http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?autoc...si&img=2164 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?autoc...si&img=2163 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?autoc...si&img=2165
  5. Is this price to high or is there no interest in a bit of kit like this?
  6. cheers mate. Looking for around £950.ono.
  7. sorry mate.dont really want to start spliting it up just for one piece. Would like it to go as a set,so someone can get some fun out of it like i did.
  8. I am selling my sea and sea outfit and looking to upgrade. I have fosale: 1. DX-D100 housing 2. D100 camera 6.1 meg in excellent condition. 3. Strobe Arm 4. YS-120 strobe. 5. Sync cable 6. Dome port 7. 2 gig memory card 8. All instruction manuals for the housing and the camera 9. all chargers and 1400mah battery for D100 All kit in good working order,I took it to egypt with me in feb and took some cracking photos. Ideal bit of kit to start with Open to sensiable offers. I live in south wales in the UK,but can arrange postage or local drop off.
  9. I have only been taken photos for a little while now so i am fairly new to the whole thing. I just came back from egypt on a dive trip and took a few good photos with a 60mm nikon macro lense but could not get a very close image. I was told by a chap over there that i needed something on the lens to enable me to get closer images but did not quite get what he was saying as he was dutch and did not speak alot of english. Can anyone help me with what i need to get for the lens. Any help would helpful and appreciated as i do want to try and get some better images with the equipment i have before forking out for more expensive lenses or camera. Cheers. darren
  10. Cheers.There must be something good in the welsh jeans then. All i need now are a few more and i might get better photos.LOL
  11. This was my first diving trip out with my camera to egypt.Found it a little heavy to get over there.My hand luggage weighed in at nearly 17 kgs.OOOPS. Here are a few of my first attempts. Please bare with the quality as this is my first go.Cheers.
  12. Hi there,would you consider selling the 10-20mm lens and the doipter seperately. Cheers Darren
  13. Cheers for getting back so quick,but unfortunatly i also have nikon camera so it would'nt fit. Cheers anyway Darren
  14. Has anyone got a secondhand lens forsale in the uk. Looking to get a lens in the next 2 weeks as i am going to sharm in feb and would like a wide angle lens. Cheers. Darren
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