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  1. I also have the same setup and fortunately have never had a flood. Are more expensive housings less likely to flood? I have not seen a head to head comparison of housings flood potential. Maybe the insurance companies have enough aggregate data from flood victims to help us find the housing least likely to flood. Dennis
  2. I also have a 5D and an Ikelite housing. I have used the new UCLS arm with a Fisheye focus light. The combination works great. Before I had a UCLS 3 sided connector which moved the focus light everytime one adjusted the arms. I did have problems with the Fisheye charger. Marine Camera Distributors took care of my problem at no charge even though I purchased the light at DEMA. Those guys are great!!!!! Yakimadiver Canon 5D, Ike Housing, delighted with both!!!
  3. I recently dove with the Cat Ppalu in the Exumas. Most of the time is spent on the leward side, so not rough at all. The boat is also a catamaran, therefore less pitch. Good luck!!!
  4. Any recommendations for a dive operator in Maui that caters to small groups? So far, I have found expensive(120.00 per 2 tank dive) and packed dive boats(up to 24 divers ). I have dove in Maui before with less than ideal services. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  5. I just received my Canon EF-S 10-22mm and the lens seemed to work fine with the #5509.28 clamp and gear ring. I placed the clamp and ring onto the lens and then slid the lens into the housing onto the camera. My 5503.5 dome port fit nicely over the lens. To remove the lens one must use a pen or similiar tool to push the lens release. Very inconvenient for battery or card change, but the lens works! Dennis Gaskill Canon 300D/Ike housing/Two DS-125/EF-S 10mm-2mm2/ EF 50mm macro/Sigma 15mmFE
  6. My question is related to how one keeps the cords out of the way, not how they're hooked up. Thanks, yakimadiver
  7. I recently upgraded to a second Ikelite DS-125 strobe and want to know how to best position the dual cords. Thanks in advance for the help. Canon 300d/Ikelite housing/Dual Ds-125's/2 manual controllers
  8. Dennis Gaskill Canon G2 with an Ikelite housing, DS-125 flash and an Inon 100 wide-angle lens. Kona Hawaii at Garden Eel Cove. Night cruiser.
  9. I'm new to SLR's and previously used an inon wideangle lens on my g2 with a Ikelite housing. I need help deciding which wideangle lens to use with my new 300d. I am planning on using the Ikelite housing. I have been researching the Sigma 12-24 vs the Canon 15mm fisheye and can't quite decide. Also, any help with lens ports would be appreciated. Thanks, Dennis.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I am new to the SLR world. I am now using a G2 with an ikelite housing and d125 substrobes. I am just getting started with my lens collection and only have the kit lens and a Canon 55-200 ef II zoom.
  11. I'm planning on using the Ikelite housing for my 300d and need help choosing which macro lens is best, the ef 100 or the ef 50? With the 50, I would only need to get the dome port. Thanks.
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