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  1. The Strobes have been sold and paid for. I have S-2000 strobes for sale on another thread
  2. More information. One Strobe is Type II, one strobe is Type III. the sync cords are fibreoptic
  3. Having sold my D-300/Seatool setup I have a pair od FIX Mini 500 focus lights that have never seen the water. They are essentially new. No manual. Both include the ball adapter and the extended 3" clamp. They are currently discontinued. The list price was 4249 and they sold for $179 discounted before discontinuation. The ball joint is about $23 and the long Clamp for $35. Total cost NEW=$237 each. Make an offer Tom
  4. Having sold my D300/seatool housing I have a couple of Inon S-2000 strobes for sale. both have the ball mount and fibre optic cable installed. The NEW price for a strobe is $399 Hong Kong price and $479 USA price. The normal INON cable is $110 and the ball adapter $20. USA NEW price is $610 each. One setup has a snoot. I have no idea the brand or the cost. I also have a LONG INON fibre optic cable that allows the snoot to be deployed in a wide arc around the subject. The cost of that cable was about $200. Unfortunately the Velcro strips that attach the snoot to the S2000 are attached to a snoot so anyone who wants the snoot separately will need to procure the Velcro straps. I will post pictures later. I tested the strobes and I have a video of them working if anyone cares. Make an offer. Tom
  5. I have located both the -0.5 and -1.5 diffusers, a couple of spare O-rings and the red inserts for the targeting lights. I have not found a manual. The current asking price for everything is $900 because I agreed to that price before finding the diffusers. My estimated retail (new) based on ebay is $805 each, $1610 for everything. I have tested the strobes and have a video of them firing if anyone cares.
  6. Having sold my Seatool/D-300 I have a dual mount Subsee setup including +5 and +10 diopters. The mount was custom made by Subsee for a Seatool 60 or 105 port. Measuring the diameter at 3 5/8". (No gurantees on my measuring abilities. You may need to contact Subsee for a ring that fits your port) Make an offer. Tom
  7. Having sold my Seatool/D-300 setup I have a couple of INON z-240 stropes for sale. (I might have a diffuser or two left but I am uncertain. Each strobe has the ball joint and light cord. I am uncertain which version they are. (I don't know how to tell). Make offer. Tom
  8. I need to purchase a Nikon camera for low light video. I am not housing the camera. I need to take videos of a solar eclipse. FX or DX doesn't really matter. I will be taking stills with my d-300 and a 170-500 Sigma lens but want to take video with my 70-300 Sigma lens. The corona of an eclipse is about as bright as a full moon. Anybody have expertise out there?
  9. I am sorry to report that my days of going to Indonesia are probably gone. Health reasons. That means back to the Carribean. The 200mm Nikon lens is still something I am interested in. I currently still use my (new type) 105 with a +5 and +10 subsee. Imagine a 200 with a t5/t6 diopter and a subsee. Unfortunately I can't find anyone to remove the tripod collar non distructively. I would hate to spend for a 200mm and be unable to resell it. I appreciate all the pictures Tom
  10. No but I have a complete Sea Tool setup for a d-300 that I am willing to sell. TomReynolds_ilan@yahoo.com
  11. Are any of the Utilia resorts off the sand. I stayed at Inn of Last Resort on Roatan when it was open and the sand flies were minimal because the resort was away from the sand.
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