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  1. Yes, some silly macro ops. Mimic octos, sea moths, pipehorses. you name it. I have some other shot sunder other sets but go for yourself. The travel sucks but is well worth it.
  2. Some shots from our first trip to the Philippines. It will not be our last. http://www.flickr.com/photos/scuba_e/sets/72157630333128996/
  3. Hello all, We are off to the Philippine's this week. I had been told by the Agent (that is now away on a trip) that the baggage restrictions would be based on the original carriers restrictions. In this case it's American. I usually take the camera rig and lenses in two carry ons. I take one carry on around 25lbs and my wife takes the other (15lbs). American says we can take 2 checked bags each, to 50lbs. We go from USA to PEK (Beijing). From there to manila. Today I was told that regardless of the originating carrier philippine airlines will only allow 15lbs per carry on and checked bags to 30lbs. To top it off the website is down. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks, Erik
  4. thanks again. i do need to get that book.
  5. I have searched some images of Black Coral shrimp and what comes up looks more like a wire coral shrimp. Not sure if descriptions vary from area to area. Any thoughts?
  6. Thank you, They are on the target list for next trip now. Thanks again. Erik
  7. While going through pictures I saw these 3 guys around a neck crab. Yellow/red with clear tails. Maybe 3-4mm in length. I have cropped and lightened the pic. We were in Roatan in August at about 60 fsw. Never seen them before but never looked for them either. Any ideas?
  8. Wow, that must be amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you. Common thread seems to be the macro stuff is a bit bland. thank you for the ideas. I will apply what i have read. I do feel my macro shots are a bit clinical. "This is a fish". From what i have seen i should be isolating the subject from the back ground more, trying to get more head on shots and generally more interesting shots. Sound about right? Thanks.
  10. Details, details. oops! Link added.
  11. Okay all, I am lucky enough to have a very supportive (and biased) wife. We just returned from our second trip with our D90 and Nauticam Housing. This go around our boat mates jumped on her bandwagon and showed some real support for my images. I am a horrible self critic so I see many flaws. I have a thick skin and can take it so please let me know you thoughts. My goal was to just post a few images but by the time I got home the wife had already uploaded over 100 shots. If you would please breeze though the Flickr link and let me know your thoughts. Any pointers would be great. Fire away. Any chance at doing calendars or prints in my future? Or am I just letting her swell my head? Thanks in advance, Edit: on suggestion of below i am posting a new link with 18 images. Erik http://www.flickr.com/photos/scuba_e/sets/72157627558547474/
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