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  1. Yes, some silly macro ops. Mimic octos, sea moths, pipehorses. you name it. I have some other shot sunder other sets but go for yourself. The travel sucks but is well worth it.
  2. Some shots from our first trip to the Philippines. It will not be our last. http://www.flickr.com/photos/scuba_e/sets/72157630333128996/
  3. Hello all, We are off to the Philippine's this week. I had been told by the Agent (that is now away on a trip) that the baggage restrictions would be based on the original carriers restrictions. In this case it's American. I usually take the camera rig and lenses in two carry ons. I take one carry on around 25lbs and my wife takes the other (15lbs). American says we can take 2 checked bags each, to 50lbs. We go from USA to PEK (Beijing). From there to manila. Today I was told that regardless of the originating carrier philippine airlines will only allow 15lbs per carry on and checked bags to 30lbs. To top it off the website is down. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks, Erik
  4. thanks again. i do need to get that book.
  5. I have searched some images of Black Coral shrimp and what comes up looks more like a wire coral shrimp. Not sure if descriptions vary from area to area. Any thoughts?
  6. Thank you, They are on the target list for next trip now. Thanks again. Erik
  7. While going through pictures I saw these 3 guys around a neck crab. Yellow/red with clear tails. Maybe 3-4mm in length. I have cropped and lightened the pic. We were in Roatan in August at about 60 fsw. Never seen them before but never looked for them either. Any ideas?
  8. Wow, that must be amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you. Common thread seems to be the macro stuff is a bit bland. thank you for the ideas. I will apply what i have read. I do feel my macro shots are a bit clinical. "This is a fish". From what i have seen i should be isolating the subject from the back ground more, trying to get more head on shots and generally more interesting shots. Sound about right? Thanks.
  10. Details, details. oops! Link added.
  11. Okay all, I am lucky enough to have a very supportive (and biased) wife. We just returned from our second trip with our D90 and Nauticam Housing. This go around our boat mates jumped on her bandwagon and showed some real support for my images. I am a horrible self critic so I see many flaws. I have a thick skin and can take it so please let me know you thoughts. My goal was to just post a few images but by the time I got home the wife had already uploaded over 100 shots. If you would please breeze though the Flickr link and let me know your thoughts. Any pointers would be great. Fire away. Any chance at doing calendars or prints in my future? Or am I just letting her swell my head? Thanks in advance, Edit: on suggestion of below i am posting a new link with 18 images. Erik http://www.flickr.com/photos/scuba_e/sets/72157627558547474/
  12. Not sure what category was best so I put it here. Please move it if it is in the wrong place. My trusty old Nikon 60mm just started to make a knock/rattle noise. It is as if it were suddenly very worn. If I turn the lens over or shake it slightly I get light knocking out of it. The telescoping parts seem to have a bit of play, by feel only (not visually). It does focus sharp and all the aperture blades function normally. We leave next Friday for out next trip and now i am worried it may fail while we are gone. Has anyone seen/felt anything like this before? Thanks in advance, Erik
  13. That sure hits home. a Few years back my wife was visiting family that lived on Kona. I was still teaching at that time and this was her first trip without me. She relied on me completely for a referral. Jack's was the only one with a positive response. After a few days of family time she set up a trip with Jacks. Again, as others have mentioned, very nice and helpful up front. The next day she was treated to a slew of students. No problem, we all learn at one point. The problems began on the dives. I had warned her that report on sealife were bleak so that was ok. But she was diving solo for the first time and the DM's seamed to have more interest with playing with each other and showing off for the students than actually looking over their assigned dive buddies. After 30 minutes of sitting outside the group and looking at dead coral she surfaced and waited for the DM to come on board. She was going to bite her tongue but when he abusively as why she did not stay with her buddy and where did she go she responded " I saw you the whole time. Did you enjoying fucking around with your boyfriend down there?". This obviously raised the attention of the students. My wife is very cautious. She opted out of the second dive. She left without conflict or comment and called me that night very angry. Though she enjoyed the remainder of her trip with family she will never dive Kona again.
  14. Seen this article? You didn't say what actual effect it was having on your pictures. that is a very interesting study. thanks for sharing. to answer your question, i get a small, light, "rainbow" octogon when shooting with side light. I have a shade on my dome so with luck it wont effect the uw shots.
  15. Unfortunately it's not on the dome its on the outermost lens of my 10.5 nikon fisheye. Out of the housing in direct sunlight I can see a small "spot" which brought me to search for debris or damage. any ideas?
  16. Just found a scratch on my fisheye lens. Is it done or can it be repaired in some way? Please help.
  17. Has anyone seen, heard any reports of tsunami damage to areas like guam, Palau, Yap. etc.? Or even down into Raja Amant?
  18. SO it sounds like Rain X is out. I am doing some surf work coming up. What do you all suggest to fight water spots on Acrylic domes? I cant just wipe it down as I will be in the surf line and there will be a lot of suspended sand. Any ideas?
  19. Thank you very much for the heads up.
  20. Has anyone tried Rain X on acrylic dome ports? I have used it on my helmet visor and dont get any strange glare or "rainbows". Just wondering if there is any chance of damage.
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