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  1. Thanks for both suggestions. It is a quandry for us since we have a camera but it may be more cost effective to consider a new one with a case. And, since most of our diving (except for vacations) is in the Pacific NW, it makes sense to consider light when purchasing. We compared them at the store and the Canon is much brighter. As I previously mentioned, we're lusting after a new Mac, too. I'm getting a bad feeling about all this... Thanks again for all the advice.
  2. Wondering which camera consider buying if we mostly dive in dark waters. We're traveling to Palau/Yap and are occasionally in tropical water but usually in darker, cold water. We want to have a camera that is budget-oriented (Ok, we're lusting for a new Mac, too!). We have a Canon Elura but the housing is discontinued. Wondering if HD is worth the price if our dives are usually in darker water? We may eventually buy lights, but not now. We just want to take those touristy videos of our trips, not serious perfect films. Any help would be appreciated as we still want to make the right choice. Thank you so much for any help/guidance.
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