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  1. Hi Damsefish ... Would you consider selling just the SR12 and related accessories, and if so, at what price. I have two other housings that can utilize that camera. I might consider the entire package though ... is everything in working order and when was the last time the housing was serviced. Thanks very much
  2. Hi ... Don't know if you'd be interested, but I have a D70 body that I'd be interested in trading for a D50. I have two Sea & Sea D50 housings and would like to acquire another D50 body as a back-up. The D70 is in excellent condition. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Greg
  3. Hi James: I live in Southern Wisconsin and would be within relatively easy driving distance to Champaign. I've been shooting underwater since 1968 and have also done topside and some studio work (catalogs) as well. Lots of film experience with both Nikonos and housed SLRs and now have converted to digital ... two S&S D50 housings with multiple bodies and lenses from 14mm to macro ... multiple Ikelite strobes/slaves. Still have multiple Nikonos and S&S film housings and film scanning capabilities if required. Also multiple Hi8 and Digital 8 video cams & housings as well. Taught photo programs at Our World Underwater, Shedd Aquarium & ++. Greg divingassociates@wi.rr.com 262-363-9874
  4. Hi ... Are all these items still available? Would you have a package price for all of them? Thanks!
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