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  1. Thanks, I would have set the camera to a custom white balance but the instructions for the filter say specifically to set to the default setting of "Auto White Balance" I will however give it a shot and set the W/B to a number around 3100 K. DUH !!! It helps to read the instructions, the filter is designed to work best in depths up to 12 meters (39ft) after that it says to use a custom white balance and use the flash (with a diffuser). I will be diving Key Largo over thanksgiving, and will give these settings a shot..
  2. I purchased an Auto Magic filter to use with my Canon A630 powershot and was hoping that the filter would remove the blue hue in the photos, which did not work for me. I believe that I followed the instructions (I think) Taped the Auto magic filter on the front of the P&S, but the shots that I got were simply terrible and I deleted them all, however I managed to find one (pathetic shot) but it clearly demonstrates what I am experiencing, which shows how much help I need with underwater photography. I am attaching a photo and am including the EXIF info for you guru's to look at and offer some help. any help would me MUCH appreciated. Depth below surface: 48 ft EXIF Data: Camera Model: Canon Powershot A630 F-Stop: f2.8 Exposure bias: 0 step Exposure time: 1/50 sec ISO speed: Auto Focal length: 7mm Flash: No flash, auto Metering mode: Pattern White Balance: Auto EXIF version: 0220 Image info: Dimensions: 3264 x 2448 Resolution: 180 dpi Once again thanks for any help
  3. Excellent idea, I will talk to a number of equipment manufacturers, I did not think of that but it really becomes an extended review which could either be good or bad for the manufacturer. I will be setting up a website and I will definately post to the board on my trip. I will also be asking for out of the way dive sites and recommendations of where to dive. Also if anyone has a site that they would like photos of and just cannot get there IE: Marshall Islands Galapagos etc.. simply let me know. The trip is not on any schedule, the current plan is 4 years, but if weather and sites hold us up, it could be 5 years. No rush, we are going to go essentially via the circle route, but we will take many detours. This is a dive site so I do not want to clutter it with sailing info. www.cruisingcouple.com Gavin
  4. Chris thanks for the info, what you talk about makes a lot of sense. I was looking to get a couple of primary cameras and a backup. Yep the trip will be fantastic and I am really looking forward to it. As for diving experience I have over 250 dives and 47 on Nitrox. When using Nitrox I dive to no more than 120 feet, which is deep enough for me. As far as working with boyancy I think your suggestion is a good one. Doing a few pool dives with a new UW rig will definately help and I am not too proud to get back into the pool and learn the new techniques. I see no need to be proud or stupid just because I have years of experience. Thanks again Gavin
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and have ben sent here via Jack & Sue Drafahl's book. I have searched this forum and reas most of what I could find on equipment for newbies, found a lot of info but felt a need to ask the question all the same. As an insight, I have been diving all around the world since 1982, have a large array of land based photographic equipment, most of it based on Landscape and animal photography. I currently have a Pentax SF1 film SLR, Canon Elan7 and a backup digital point and shoot (Canon a630). I am at the point where I am going to move from film to digital for my land based photography. I have not done any underwater photography, and need to buy enough equipment that will take care of my needs over the next 4 years. In November 2008 my wife and I are embarking on a 4 year around the world cruise starting in Ft Laurderdale, Fl, on our 42 ft catamaran and will be diving in just about every place possible. Most of the dives will be under 60 ft, but I will do a nitrox dive at the Blue Hole in Belize. I need to setup my equipment so that it wil last and work in just about every environment, it needs to be digital, but not neccessarily dSLR. From my readings I have found that a good P&S will work pretty well and that dSlr's and casings get pretty bulky. Cost is not an issue, well it is in the sense that I do not want to spend stupid amounts of money on equipment, but Ihave to buy what will take care of the trip. I expect to have to replace at least 1 camera due to stupidity, the learning curve, flooding etc. Based on what I intend to do can any of you long time photographers recommend an good equipment base. I have looked at Ikelight and Sea& Sea, but I really do not know where to start insomuch as do I go the dSLR route or the point and shoot route or maybe a combination. Also lense and filter suggestions would be most welcome as most of my stuff is either tokina zoom lenses and fixed focal length stuff at 500mm and more. Thanks for the help. Gavin Slabbert
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