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  1. hi there,

    i use now NiMH >2000 batteries since 2 years. at my last dives i reconized that my full charged batteries get less power and after some shots (10 min) the batterystatus on the camera goes to low and the camera switch off.

    Now my question: are NiMH batteries dying faster when you use them underwater (get to cold)?


    is better choise to get new Lithium batteries for?


    im using a Oly. Camedia C3040 ZOOM


    txs for help

    sorry about my english


  2. I m allready using a C3040Z in a olympus PT10 housing with the DS50 and the TTL Sensor from Ikelite. i also have the PCU-01 macro lense and Inon UWL-100 Type 2 addon lenses.

    i want to upgrade my system now. i want to save my DS50 and the addon lenses.

    Now the Question:

    I prefer the Ikelite housing for any of the 2 cameras. i also want to buy the ds 125 as primary flash.

    1) should i buy the manuel controller for the ds125 or should i use a sync cord?

    2) can i use the addon lenses also on the new housings for olympus or nikon

    3) which camera is better for macro or wideangle shots with the lenses.

    4) which delay is shorter between the time you push the shutter release and when the picture is taken

    5) i cant see well underwater and the lcd is most time to small to figure out if the picture is good or not. is there a system (a lense or something)on the market to make this lcdview bigger?

    6) are there strobearms where i can mount on the lenses which i dont use? they should hold the lense safe and should let me change the lenses easly underwater?


    txs for your mind.


    nice greetings


  3. at first i m sorry about my bad english and hope you will understand me well :))

    i m using the olympus c3040 with the PT 007 housing and bought me now the ikelite ds50 with the ikelite ttl sensor.

    during all my shoots i get problems with the right flashtime, i mean some pictures are overlightet and at the others it looks like i dont use any flash.

    i m working in the "p" mode (camera) and TTL (flash).

    it looks for me that the sensor is not working well or i use it wrong. the sensor is looking on the camera flash (as writen in the description).

    I was trying to find a online description for configurating the system right but didn´t find anything. maybe you can help?

    if it is a problem and no chance to change it, is it useful to build in a bulkhead into the housing and let the flash work over a sync-cable, (cause i allready have an external connector for another flash on the camera). is the electronic in the stobe working together with the electronic in the camera (is it then real TTL?).

    i allready read that it is better to work in "a/s/m" mode, is this right?

    hope you can help me...





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